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You are invited to toss the confetti with The Confetti Foundation!!

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I'm a firm believer that parties and celebrations are a very important part of life. It may seem like a luxury or unnecessary to some, but celebrating the moments that matter, the milestones, the special people that surround us, is something that should not be neglected. 
It's not just about entertaining.  It's about sharing. And giving. It's ultimately about caring!
So today I am more than excited to share the wonderful work of The Confetti Foundation, and invite you to help toss the confetti!! :)

The Confetti Foundation, are a non profit who supplies birthday party supplies to kids who are hospitalized on their birthday! Since their launch in January 2014, they are in 54 hospitals, in 29 states and have celebrated 244 birthday's! 
Their mission is for parents and patients to be able to celebrate a little cheer on their child's birthday and to not have to think about where their supplies are going to come from :) 

How is the foundation funded?  

The Confetti Foundation is funded through private donations, corporate and small business sponsors. One hundred percent of the foundation’s donations go to creating, stuffing, and shipping each and every birthday party box. Donations are accepted in many forms, please take a look on ways to give.

How do I donate product for the boxes?  
We love to partner with companies! Every box comes with the following no matter what, but we can also add an extra “gift” to the themed box! For example a princess book into the princess themed box, a gym bag for the sports theme. We are certainly PR friendly, so let us know what your clients would like to help us out with! *unfortunately edible products can not be included.

How can people help toss the confetti (volunteer)? 
The Confetti Foundation has many ways to get involved:
* If you live in the area of Newport, RI, you can help at a monthly “packing party where we make the party supplies and stuff the boxes.
* You can become a birthday fairy and connect with your local hospital to distribute birthday party boxes in your area.
* You can make a donation to The Confetti Foundation here.
* Hold a fundraiser and have us be the charity of choice! (bake sale, marathon, dress down day etc.)
Find out more about The Confetti Foundation here.
Twitter is @confettitoss | Instagram is @ConfettiFoundation | Facebook is @ConfettiFoundation 

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