Turn your Instagram Photos into Marshmallows with Boomf + a Giveaway - Open Worldwide!!

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Turn Your Instagram Photos into Marshmallows with Boomf

In last week's post I talked about how marshmallows are essential at any party. But Boomf have gone a step further - They allow us to turn our precious Instagram memories, selfies and instamoments into real marshmallows! How cool is that?!

They offered to send me a Boomf box a couple of weeks back, and I LOVED it!!  The marshmallows are beautifully packed (perfect for gifts, wedding favors...) and totally funky. I tell ya - Proper fun and yummy marshmallows!

And because I liked it so much, we teamed up with Boomf to give one lucky winner 3 boxes of personalized Boomf marshmallows!! Giveaway open worldwide.

Boomf is the brainchild of none other than James Middleton, brother of the Duchess of Cambridge and uncle to royal baby Prince George of England.

I love the quote they have on their site from ABC News:

"They're the kind of thing you'd find in Willy Wonka's factory, between the lickable wallpaper and the Fizzy Lifting Drinks."

It perfectly sums up Boomf for me too - Totally lickable fun! 
S'mores Selfie anyone? :)

Scrumptious. Squishy. Shareable.

Instagram lets you share your memories, but Boomf makes sharing even sweeter. And squidgier. If Willy Wonka and Proust had a brainstorm, we reckon they'd have drawn some Boomf on a napkin. Maybe.

Confectionery for the digital age.

Ever wish the internet was more... lickable, pokeable, sniffable? Boomf transform your photos into multi-sensory delicacies. Tiny pillows of fluffy, gooey, vanilla-scented yumminess.

Eat your friends / lovers / enemies!

Boomf makes anything edible. Sunsets, kittens, Macchu Picchu, your Auntie Barbara. Devour your mates one by one after dinner, turn your selfies into a romantic gift for your significant other, or roast your ex over a bonfire. Yum!


For your chance to win 3 boxes of Boomf marshmallows 
simply enter via the Rafflecopter form below:

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