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20+ Yummy and Fun After School Snacks

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20+ Yummy and Fun After School Snacks - via

Don't know about you, but after school snacks are one of my fave meals of the day. For me it's the time to catch up with the kiddos after a long day, and find out what they've been up to at school. So they also need to be fun. And of course healthy. And not fill them up too much so they don't eat dinner. 

Quite a few boxes to tick for a humble snack, huh?! So prepping is essential. And I've selected some funky recipes to help make after school snack life a breeze. 

20+ Yummy and Fun After School Snacks

Smoothies are totally my go-to when pushed for ideas, but I also love the 'food play' ideas from this recipe collection. I mean, apples totally taste better when they look like Kermit, right?! :)

Hope your kiddos love them too, and please share any of your own recipes in comments!

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