15+ Super Delicious Meatless Recipes to Try

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15+ Super Delicious Meatless Recipes to Try - via

The weekend is upon us, and there's nothing I love more than to plan some funky meals to enjoy with my family and friends

Recently, I watched a science documentary, featuring several studies that showed that a diet heavily based on red meat is not really the best thing for us. Ever since, we've been making a conscious effort to cook more and more meatless dishes at home. But I have to say, our repertoire wasn't great. I mean, sometimes you've gotta go beyond chicken and fish to keep your taste buds guessing, right?!

15+ Super Delicious Meatless Recipes to Try

So I was totally giddy (and drooling) over some recipes found on Not only they are healthier versions of classic favorites, but it's also food that you’d actually share with your friends! A major plus for this party gal ;)

These recipes are truly delicious! For instance, the Spicy Black Bean Burger from MorningStar Farms® is one of my faves!! Just because you start with a veggie burger doesn't necessarily mean you’re making a veggie burger...You can make salads, wraps, stews and even pizzas - I personally love making spaghetti bolognese or a nice frittata for Sunday brunch!

The great thing is that you are enjoying a healthier, fresh take on your classic recipes and family favorites, without compromising on taste! And that, my friends; is what I call "eating smart"! ;)

Hope your enjoy the recipe ideas, and check out all the meatless recipes here.

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