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Bird's Party Ideas Magazine | The Love Issue Out Now

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Bird's Party Ideas Magazine | The Love Issue Out Now -

I've been hyping up about the mag for a few weeks now, and so happy to say it's finally out!

It's our 11th issue, and I can honestly say one of the most FUN to put together. Mainly because after a few issues, you get to realize what does and what doesn't tick your party boxes!

And that quality over quantity is always the way forward.

And that if it's not fun, then you might as well forget it!

And that LOVE is all you need! ♥

Bird's Party Ideas Magazine | The Love Issue Out Now

It's cheesy, I know. But it's true!

You see, the magazine is mainly a labor of love. From me and all the fabulous peeps involved (I hope, anyways...)

I had a friend ask me once "do these magazine make any money to make it worth your while?"

And my honest answer is a categorical "Ain't about the cha-ching, cha-ching, ain't about the ba- bling, ba-bling...We just wanna make the world dance..."  ;)

So what drives me to spend months planning, styling and curating content, and then putting it all together in a cohesive format?

LOVE, I tell ya! 

Love for sharing beautiful photos, awesome ideas, amazing products and vendors, and beautiful professionals, like Melissa Becker and the team at Cacao Sweets & Treats;  for our STUNNING cover ( to name but just one of the talented contributors! )

Love for the readers, who may find what we offer useful and inspiring.

It's all for the love of parties basically!
So, thank you to all those who help us spread the love! 

Thank you for stopping by, for sharing, for contributing your time and talent, for sponsoring and supporting us while we make issue come to life.

I hope the hype was worth it! ;)

With all my love,
Bird ♥

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Bird's Party Ideas Magazine | The Love Issue Out Now -

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