Snapchat. Is it for me?

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Snapchat - Whats the hype? -

Hey friends! I know it's Sunday and I don't normally post at all.
But today I had the urge to just chat. Snapchat to be precise ;)

It all started with the kids making Sunday Brunch today.
And I thought it was so cute, and something fun to Snap! 

Snapchat - WTH?

Firstly, be warned! This is NOT a guide on how to use Snapchat like a pro.

But for the sake of this post, and since Snapchat is SO new to many of us over the age of 21 (*wink*) I thought I'd explain a tiny bit of what I've gathered so far.

Think of it as girlfriend to girlfriend chat ;)

So, the very basics: 

*Snapchat is new kid on the social media block - Pretty much every blogger I know is either on it, or thinking about joining, or at least talking about it.

* "snaps" are photos you take with the app. 
* "stories" are like real short videos.

* You can add text and emojis to your snaps.
* You can change color of text. And add funky graphics (though I still have to figure out how...)
* Stories and snaps disappear within 24hrs - Where do they go? There's lots of debate about that. But all I know is that they are no longer visible to anyone (including yourself) after 24 hrs.

Snapchat - Is it for me?

You see, I'm a total newbie to Snapchat. And until recently (like yesterday...), I felt the app was a little unnecessary and to be brutally honest, a little self-indulgent. 

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing what everyone's like in "real" life or what they do in their spare time. But as a blogger and shop owner who uses social media for work, I'm not interested spending my time seeing people eat donuts or lip sync to their fav song for the 100th time..

I basically didn't see the point at first. 

Today I snapped a brunch story with my kids.
And that's when I had was my Eureka moment, and I realized this new app had potential.

"Potential for what", you may ask?! 
Well, from a party bloggers perspective's, I can think that creating informative or fun snaps and stories on recipes, DIYs and tutorials, behind the scenes on blog posts, events and photo shoots or real parties; would all make great Snapchat material.

Of course, if eating donuts and lip syncing is your forte...then by all means ;)

Snapchat - Pros and Cons

Compared to other social media platforms or apps, Snapchat it's really alien at first.
There are no "likes" or "followers" or "fans".

To me, those are all pros because it takes away the comparison and pressure ;)

For instance, while Instagram is a curated collection of pretty photos or the "perfect" life stills we portray to the world. Snapchat is the raw, unedited version. 
With poor lighting, pimples and all!

And I guess that's what makes it unique and more appealing in the end.
Goodness know we all love seeing pretty pictures (hence the success of Instagram), but sometimes we just want to keep it real, right?!

That and the fact that snaps and stories disappear after 24 hrs creates a sense of urgency and freshness. Not to mention it also takes away the paranoia about what you actually put out into the world ;)

Having said all that, one of the cons I find is that people can't comment on what you put on Snapchat. It's not that we need validation or praise, but for me at least; it can feel a little lonely. After all, social media is all about being social. And the fact no one is talking back...well, is not my ideal social scenario.

Another con is that with any social media platform, you can't control what you see.
So I am beginning to be a little more selective about whom I add to my contacts ;)

Snapchat - Who to "follow"?

You can add people to your Snapchat contacts  by pointing their camera at your Snapcode (unique to your account), or you can add them by Username (mine is BirdsParty), or add them from your address book.

I haven't even scratched the surface on this and just begun to add some bloggers I know from Instagram.

But here are my suggestions for some accounts I already enjoy watching  in the party, food, blogging and lifestyle arena:

@whatgabycooking - for food
@waitingonmartha - for lifestyle
@coco_kelley - for lifestyle
@thealisonshow - for general fun
@houselarsbuilt - for DIY and crafts
@marthagraeff - for fashion & lifestyle
@studiodiy - for DIY

I'd LOVE to keep adding some more interesting accounts to my Snapchat, so if you are on it or know of some other must-follow accounts, or have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on there - please leave it in the comment!

And if you fancy adding me, I'm on Snapchat as BirdsParty

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