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DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins

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DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

These DIY table napkins are perfect for a modern Christmas tableThey also make for a fun handmade (and very last minute!) gift.

Plus, once you know you can hand stamp basic fabrics so easily, you'll never be stuck for unique linens to match your table or home decor! ;)

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

And the reality is, that's far cheaper and tons more FUN to create something like this by hand to embellish your Christmas table, right?

I couldn't find the right napkins for my Christmas table this year, and for around $10 you can totally get all the supplies needed for this craft project (napkins and fabric paint).

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

AND there will be loads more paint left over for many more projects!
Oh, and did I tell you it's mega easy?

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Napkins

Materials needed:

* Fabric paint in black and gold
* White fabric napkins - iron them flat to make it easier to stamp.
* A pencil
* Tiny scraps of adhesive craft foam (or regular craft foam and hot glue for sticking it to the pencil)

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -


1) Protect the surface you're about to paint with newspaper or flat cardboard. Then cut your desired shape (my was a triangle) out of foam and stick to the flat end of the pencil to form your stamp. You may want to double the thickness of your foam stamp and make it more rigid, by gluing two shapes together (in case your foam is too thin). Use one pencil + foam stamp per paint color to avoid mixing them. 

2) Add paints to separate saucers or plastic plates, and have a piece of blotting paper or rag ready to remove excess paint from the stamp as needed. 

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

3) Work out how you want your pattern to look - don't sweat making it look too regular! The charm of handmade stuff is the fact that's it's NOT perfect ;)

4) Lay each napkin open onto the flat surface and stamp away!

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

5) Let the paint dry and then follow the manufacturer's instructions (read the label on the fabric paint packaging) to set your paint. Usually is involves ironing. No biggie.

DIY Geometric Hand Stamped Party Napkins -

You can then use at once, or package it beautifully (with hand stamped ribbon!) for a cool hostess gift.

Did you like this easy DIY craft?

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