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Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters

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Fruity Beer Cocktail & DIY Football Coasters -

Beer rhymes with Super Bowl. We know that. But what if beer is not your thing? Or you fancy something sweeter while watching the game?

Well, for my Super Bowl party I served this super tasty fruity mixer, which not only is the perfect pairing to wheat beer; but can can be also added to lemonade, sparkling water or tonic to cater for kiddos and mocktail lovers alike!

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters -

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters -

Aaaand because Super Bowl parties need themed coasters (no less), my kids and I whipped up some easy and quick football shaped coasters. They're super easy and not at all expensive, so you can make a bunch and spread them around your home to protect your surfaces during the game ;)

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters -

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe 


* wheat beer
* sugar
* mango or passion fruit juice
* lemon rind 
* lemon slices for garnish 

Directions: Watch the quick video for a the (speedy) easy recipe!

DIY Super Bowl Coasters

Materials needed:

* Cork tiles
* pen
* white acrylic paint
* paintbrush
* scissors
* cardstock

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters -


1) Cut a football shape template out of cardstock - I used the printables football design from our Super Bowl printables kit as guide.

2) Draw the football shape onto the cork tiles with a pen.

3) Cut the footballs, then paint the stitch lines using white acrylic paint. Go over the lines with another coat of white paint if needed, and let dry before using. 

Fruity Beer Cocktail Recipe & DIY Football Coasters -

Easy, right? Kids will love making these for dad too for a great father's day gift ;)

Super Bowl Party Credits

Recipe, photos & Styling: Bird

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  1. Hello! Great post! I like that you can you this drink mix with sparkling water or lemonade in addition to beer. I look forward to trying this. I loved the football adorable! Beautiful pictures too!

  2. Thanks! Super fun to make too :)

  3. Everything is looking really delicious. I will definitely try this cocktail recipe punch at home, so that I can use it for my party at Los Angeles venues. Keep sharing such recipes in future. I will follow updates on your blog.


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