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Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart Recipe

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Brunch Recipe: Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart -

If you din't notice, we're brunching this week ;)

And nothing screams winter brunch better than some comfort food, right?! Hence this Panettone chocolate and marmelade tart number. Apart from being totally decadent and delicious, is extremely easy and FUN to make!

Brunch Recipe: Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart -

I first came across the recipe for this "bonkers" panettone tart after watching past episodes of Jamie Oliver during the Christmas break. There's nothing I love more than watching foodie programs at Christmas. And it usually pays off, like in the case of this tart!

At Christmas, Italians like to gift each other panettone (sweet Italian bread enriched with fruits and goodness), so we always end up with a ton of it at home. This tart recipe is perfect to use up a whole panettone, or even a slightly stale one.

I modified the recipe slightly to make it a quicker and easier still. Yes, I'm lazy like that.

And if you make nothing else for your winter brunch, then make this. Please, make this!
Seriously, it's THAT good!

Brunch Recipe: Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart -

Brunch Recipe: Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart -

Brunch Recipe | Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart


* 4.4 oz or 125 g of butter, plus extra for greasing the pan
* 4 tablespoons of brown or demerara sugar
* 1 whole 26.5 oz or 750 g panettone 
* 1 pint or 1/2 litre of ready made custard thinned down with a little cream or milk to a thinner, pouring consistency
* 2 oz or 60 g of dark or milk chocolate (I used candy bars left over from Christmas)
* 2 oz or 60 g of bitter orange marmalade

1) Preheat the oven to 180 deg C / 350 F or gas mark 4. Lightly grease a 11 inch or 28 cm tart pan, then sprinkle 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and shake to coat the tart pan.

2) Cut off the panettone domed part and set aside for later. Now slice a thick round slice to line the bottom of the tart pan. Line the tart case sides with more of the cut panettone. This is your tart crust or shell. Press down firmly to compact the panettone into the tart pan.

3) Now pour 1/3 of you custard over the tart base and let it soak for a few minutes.

4) Meanwhile, tear the remaining panettone into chunks with your hands, and add them to the rest of the custard bowl to soak for about 5 minutes. Make sure to stir this mixture to coat all the panettone pieces in the custard. Set aside for a few minutes so the custard can be absorbed by the bread.

5) Now add dollops of marmelade and chocolate pieces around the base of the tart, spacing them out evenly - no need to be too precise.

6) Pour the soaked up panettone chunks into the tart, spread the out with a spoons and sprinkle with the remaining brown sugar. Bake for around 25 minutes or until golden on top. Allow to rest for 10 minutes or so. Serve with berries on the side, cream, yogurt, ice cream or anything else you like.

Brunch Recipe: Panettone, Chocolate & Marmalade Tart -

This awesome panettone tart recipe can be made the day before (or two days ahead and refrigerated) and baked or re-heated on the day just before serving. So it's also super practical for your winter brunch or party!

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