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How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake

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How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake -

There's nothing more gratifying than tucking into a beautiful and delicious cupcake for any occasion:

- Is it your birthday? Yay, this calls for cupcakes! 
- Have you passed your driving test? Yay, this calls for cupcakes! 
- Got engaged? We need cupcakes! 
- Got dumped? Definitely a call for cupcakes! 

So you see, baking the perfect cupcake should totally be on everyone's bucket list, 'cause you're bound to need them at some point in life ;)

And as part of our mission to become a party ninja, we need to perfect our cupcake-baking skills!

How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake -

How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake

This is where we're once again partnering with Craftsy to give you guys a 50% OFF their usual online course on baking The Perfect Cupcake - That's just $19.99!!

How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake -

What do you get?

The course will teach you how to deliver heavenly cupcakes no one can resist!

It's taught by Trophy Cupcakes owner Jennifer Shea, who will take you step-by-step along the journey to baking the perfect cupcake:

* 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
* Class materials, including a supply list and more than 20 recipes
* Hours of close-up instruction
* Answers from Jennifer in our virtual classroom

How To Bake The Perfect Cupcake -

The course is divided into classes that are super easy to follow. And you can take the class at your own pace. From the comfort of your own home. In your pajamas, if you wish...

Click here to get your online cupcake class 50% OFF.

But hurry, the discount expires on March 15th 2016 @ 11:59pm MT

Happy baking ♥

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Cupcakes are a great treat for lots of parties - plus they can be customized to fit with lots of themes.


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