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DIY Superhero Birthday Cupcake Stand

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DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -

Did you catch the super awesome Superhero themed birthday party we shared earlier in the week? It was super creative and gave me the idea to use some of the printables to create a super colorful cupcake stand.

This DIY is mega easy and you can make larger stands by varying the sizes, or even make several tiers like in this tutorial I shared a while back. The principle is the exact same.

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -

This DIY cupcake stand would be the perfect kid's table centerpiece at a Superhero birthday party, or a fun addition to any desserts table!

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -

The fin thing is that I used pool noodles for the stand base (something we all have around the house this time of year, right?!) and simple cake boards. But you could use empty cereal cans, foam boards etc

So let's get crafting...

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand


* A4 size white cardstock min 210 g
* yellow pool noodle
* cake boards of about 1 cm or 1/2 inch thick (diameter of your choice)
* craft knife
* double-side tape
* hot glue gun
* scissors
* pencil
* ribbon to match the thickness of your cake boards (red, blue or black)

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -


1) Print dotted comic book scrapbook paper onto cardstock. Measure the diameter of the cake board and lark with a pencil.

DIY TIP: If you're making a larger tier for the stand, simply print the pattern onto A3 paper instead of A4.

2) Cut the paper and stick tot eh top of the cake board using double-sided tape.

3) Stick a piece of ribbon with hot glue to cover the sides of the cake board.

4) Cut the pool noodle to 20 cm or 8 inches tall, using the craft knife. Print and cut the skyscraper silhouettes onto cardstock. Glue the to the bottom of the pool noodle using double-side tape.

5) Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the pool noodle.

6) Hot glue the pool noodle base tot he cake board top.

CRAFT TIP: If make several tiers, simple vary the diameter of the cake boards (12 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch for a 3 tiered stand for example.)

DIY Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Stand -

All that is left to do is to display your cute superhero cupcakes on top! :)

Click here to grab your Superhero birthday party printables!

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  1. So fun and creative! My boys would have loved this theme when they were younger--super heros never go out of style!

  2. Who knew a pool noodle could be so handy as a cupcake stand! How clever!


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