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A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party from Brazil

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A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

Sometimes less is more. This sentence springs to mind with today's post from my little nephew Miguel's 1st birthday!

Miguel lives in Brazil with my brother and sister in law, and although I wasn't present for the festivities, I helped to design the jungle birthday printables for his 1st birthday party, which is a huge honor for me! :)

Here are the fabulous party photos styled and taken by Miguel's mom, who is not a professional party planner nor party blogger! 

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

I feel the previous sentence's disclaimer is necessary because here on the blog we're used to seeing elaborate desserts table, highly polished photo shoots, magazine-worthy photography...but in real life, not all parties are like that. 

We don't all have a team of minions to help fix our hair, nor have a professional photographer at hand at our beck and call...and sometimes we may lack the time or the means to go all out creating expensive looking desserts tables. Am I right?!

But it doesn't mean your party is any less worthy, less special or that lots of love didn't go into each little detail. Or that it's any less creative!

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

And I think these kind of parties are the ones that touch me the most!

- The parties when the mom (who is not a blogger nor professional party planner) gets stuck in with the details and styling of her baby's special day, and lets her love for that little person surpass all her shortcomings. 

- The parties when mom discovers for the first time, how love can make even the most un-artistic person, a creative genius.

- The parties when mom learns to use printables for the first time ever, and gets hooked for life!

- The parties that I can relate too, because that's how I got started in this business - Just like Miguel's mom, with my own babies' first birthday parties! :)

So I hope you enjoy the simple, yet love-filled ideas and get inspired to celebrate those moments in life that really matter, whatever way you can! ♥

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - DIY Party Decor, Ideas and Printables

Miguel's mom chose a jungle themed party for his 1st birthday. He's such a little monkey, full of energy and smiles. Such a good theme for our favorite little boy! :)

She had a three-tier fabulous cake made with jungle designs on, then she decorated the cake with the jungle animal toppers from our jungle birthday party printables.

The table backdrop was a simple arrangement of crepe paper strips in orange, green and yellow to match the birthday jungle theme.

For the desserts table, Miguel's grandmother suggested adding a carpet of dry leaves to set the scene, instead of a table cloth. All the food was served in raised stands or trays with little containers (so they wouldn't touch the table), so this a fun, creative and inexpensive alternative to the traditional tablecloth.

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

Other treats on the desserts table include the popular Brazilian brigadeiro (chocolate truffles, recipe here) and beijinho (coconut truffles, recipe here) that the mom served in little had-crafted paper containers with cute animal designs on. Adorable, right?!

To complete the jungle look, they used jungle animals plush toys as decorations on the table, which can be used as Miguel's bedroom decorations after the party!

For party favors, there were candy bags and special personalized gifts for the family members - mine is on its way by post, so I'll show you on Snapchat when I get it ;)

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - Party Credits

Styling and photography: Miguel's Mom

A Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Party - via

For more jungle birthday party ideas, see our parties page here!

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