New Year's Eve Parties Recipes

New Year's Eve Quick & Easy Party Food & Drinks

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Hey party lovers, are you excited for 2018? I sure am!! 

Even though I have high expectations for 2018 and am hoping for a year of prosperity, joy and blessing...I'm not one to really go to town with parties on New Year's Eve, I have to admit. 

I think by the time New Year Eve comes 'round, I'm all partied out! 😋

Having said that, we always have nibbles and drinks at our house on the last day of the year. Whether we have company or not. 

Since we've had kids New Year's Eve has become a family, comfortable affair. We're more than happy to slip into our comfy pajamas, fluffy winter socks and watch the countdown to the New Year on TV, while munching on tasty treats and sipping champagne from the couch. Glamorous lives we lead! 😁

So, for my last post of the year, I thought I'd share some party nibble ideas and treats that I have been eyeing up (drooling over) over on Pinterest.

Whether you're celebrating from your couch in your pajamas like some glam people I know (ahem), or having a ton of guests over, here are a few tasty recipe that are also a cinch to prepare - 'Cause ain't nobody got time for elaborate and time-consuming food on New Year's Eve! Amiright?!

For a party, I'd serve one vegetarian appetizer, one fish/sea food, one meat, one cheese, one sweet and a huge batch of punch to accompany the champers!

New Year's Eve Quick & Easy Party Food & Drinks

Click the links below to see the full recipe! (from top to bottom)

Champagne New Year Cake - If you're gonna bake anything for your New Year's Eve party, then bake this! Not only it tastes amazing, but it also looks so pretty  on any table - Perfect for a family party for instance.

Prosecco Cupcakes - Don't fancy baking a huge cake? Then try these equally gorgeous to look at Prosecco Cupcakes! Bonus that they are pink!! ♥

Cheesy Bacon Crack - Chips are a given at any party, right? But how about pimping them up for the occasion? These cheesy and bacon version is ticking all my taste bud boxes!

Blackened Shrimp - Serving shrimp this way is super refreshing, and looks so easy to make too!

Mezze Platter - Speaking of easy, a Mezze platter means you can just display products and tasty nibbles in a  pretty fashion! No cooking involved, people!!

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates - Another no-cook treat that is popular with the whole family!! So yum!!

Brussels Sprouts Crostini - For the veggie option, I'm loving this Brussels Sprouts Crostini! They look so awesome and healthy too!

Mini Stuffed Peppers - Or how about these 3-ingredient stuffed mini peppers?! My kids love them!

Marinated Goat's Cheese Bites - I'm a sucker for cheese nibbles, and these marinated goats cheese nibbles are perfect to add to a Tapas or Mezze platter!

Raspberry Baked Brie - Otherwise, baking a whole Camembert or Brie in it's box and topping with lashings of nuts and fruit can also satisfy cheese-a-holics like me!

Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs - For the meat eaters, there's nothing better than tasty meatballs. Okay, it's not quite a quick dish, but you can make it at least a couple of days ahead! It's easy to make, and easier to devour!

Mini Caramelized Onion Tarts - If you've got the oven on, then these mini tarts are a cinch to make! Just top with caramelized onions and you have a tasty morsel to please a crowd!

Champagne New Year's Eve Punch - For the drinks a huge party punch is my go-to every time! It leaves you, as the host,  free to mingle and enjoy the festivities! Bonus that it's Champagne based!

Festive Fortune Cookies - Lastly, if you bake only one thing, then these fortune cookies get my vote! They double as party favors and edible decor all in one, which is always a winner in my books! 

So whether you celebrate the end of this magnificent year in your finest attire or comfiest pajamas, I wish you a wonderful and sparkly New Year!! 😘

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