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March 4, 2014

FREE Mardi Gras Party Printables

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!! Yes, it's Mardi Gras talk 'round here today, and as promised, we have another fun-tastic FREE printable for all our fabulous blog subscribers!

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March 3, 2014

Paint My Party: Purple, Green, Teal and Gold Mardi Gras Party Inspiration

Not sure why, but when I think 'Mardi Gras party', I think flamboyant peacock. Maybe it stems from childhood, watching the amazing Rio caraval parade or escolas de samba strutting their stuff on the sambadrome of Sapucaí ! 

So peacock' it is for today's inspirational Paint My Party post. BTW, Can you tell I love putting these boards together? It's like the fashion equivalent of ootd, but for party lovers! ;)

February 27, 2014

FREE Mardi Gras Mask Templates for Our Email Subscribers

Are you a subscriber of the blog? Yes, have you signed up there on the sidebar to receive a FREE printable every month by email? Well, lucky you!! Because today we're starting with a  Mardi Gras FREE printable mask template that is being sent out to all our subscribers along with their email!

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February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras Party: Brazilian Style CARNAVAL

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!! :)

Even though I live miles away from my native country of Brazil, we celebrated CARNAVAL (that's what it's called in Brazil) this past weekend with a lot of confetti, samba, Caipirinha, barbecue and Brazilian sweets.

February 20, 2012

FREE Party Printables: Mardi Gras Party Tags!

It's Mardi Gras tomorrow and in the UK and France there's a nice tradition where we eat pancakes or crêpes...and I thought our FREE printable party tags would look really cute on top of a home-made pancake cake (recipe here)!

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