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January 13, 2015

Party of 4: Fab ways to use Paper Tassels in your celebrations

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I'm a bit of a self-confessed party rebel, and tend to shy away from 'current-trends' or party themes in the name of originality.

But paper tissue or crepe paper tassels is one party trend I don't mind following. And hope stays put in 2015!

September 5, 2013


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I LOVE paper lanterns. And the round kind is particularly attractive when it come to party styling. They're quite inexpensive and can add instant "wow factor" to any table backdrop or ceiling, without much effort.

But in these series, I'll be sharing just FOUR of my fave finds - Today's all about the humble round PAPER LANTERN.

July 22, 2013

Party of 4: Unexpected Party Ideas using MASON JARS

Okay, so Pinterest is inundated with ideas on how to re-purpose mason jars. But we've all seen them used in the popular cupcakes in a jar, drinks containers, or utensils holders. So how else can we use Mason jars in our parties? Take a peek below for my FOUR favorite ideas..

July 15, 2013

Party of 4: Unexpected Party Ideas Using BALLOONS

Let's talk Balloons. The latex kind. Kinda of appropriate seen as we're celebrating - we've reached over 40,0000 fans on Facebook over the weekend!! How mad is that?! Can't help but feel very grateful for the love and support you guys give us!! (And to say thanks, we're having a celebratory sale: 40% OFF any order - Scroll down to get details and your discount code).

Balloons are so festive and the perfect candidates for today's NEW blog series - Party of 4, where I'll be guessed it! FOUR unexpected and totally FAB party ideas based on a particular party prop.

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