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January 20, 2015

Bird's Party Magazine: Valentine's Day Issue - Now accepting sponsors!

Party Ideas Magazine

Can you believe Valentine's day is less than a month away?!

You know what that means, don't ya? Yep, Magazine talk! 

Our Valentine's Party Ideas Magazine is coming out begin of Feb, so we're opening the party flood-gates to all you fabulous businesses and party blogs out there who want in on the fun!

And to get your products, services or talent in front of thousands of potential customers! ;)

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day + Instagram Winners

I ♥ you! Yes, you there, reading this. Know why? Because you make me get up in the morning with a spring in my step, and allow me to share my passion for all things party. You rock, basically ;)

So on this heart day, I didn't want to post anything else, but a big heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart. And, no, you can never have too much "heart" ♥

February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Sweet Heart Cake + a Little Something Extra...

Man, I love a good cake! To me, it epitomizes love. My earliest memories is baking cakes with my mom, surrounded by love and cake batter, licking the spoon... So now, I express my love for others by feeding them cake. 

Naturally, for my Valentine's Day desserts table I had to have a centerpiece cake. You know, one of those creations that make you drool? Yeah, but master baker I am not, so I often resort to printables and candy to help me decorate my cakes. 

Find all the steps below + a little something for you! ;)

February 12, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift or Favor Idea: DIY Gumball Necklaces

What pops in your head when you see the words gumball + necklace in the same sentence? Gumball necklace, did you say? Yep, you guessed. I'll take edible jewelry over diamonds any day! 

These gumball necklaces make the perfect last minute gift, party favor or class activity for Valentine's Day. Package them in super dinky favor box, and you have the perfect little treat for your sweet Valentine, your BFFs, or yourself! ;)

February 11, 2014

How to Make a DIY Crepe or Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

How to Make a DIY Tissue or Crepe Paper Tassel Garland
For my Valentine's Day shoot, I wanted a giant balloon as my table backdrop. But the balloon cord looked naked and boring, so I decided to jazz it up with some tissue paper tassels.
Tissue paper tassels are all the rage in the party world, and have been for a while now, but they are new to me in the sense that I only used them once before. And for this occasion, I didn't have time to order any nor buy tissue paper to make them myself. All I had was crepe paper left over from this shoot. So, what's a party gal to do? Yes, make do, of course! ;)
I wasn't sure if was even gonna work...but guess what?! Crepe paper has hidden talents!! 
Full tutorial below.

February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Sweet Heart Valentine's Day Desserts Table and Pink and Red Hearts Printables!!

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Sweet Heart Valentine's Day Desserts Table and Pink and Red Hearts Printables!!

My daughter loves pink, and I love red. So this year, I decided to go 100% down the girly route for our Valentine's Day styled shoot in collaboration with SweetWorks

I adored designing our NEW Valentine's Day printables, and working with some of the party supplies we carry in the shop, like those mini gumball machines, which I am just in love with! ♥ 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen that being surrounded by all that candy is my idea of a heaven!

Check out all the photos and styling ideas below. Warning: Glitter and girly sweetness featured heavily (and some crazy photo-bomber...).

February 3, 2014

Top 20 Decadent Valentine's Day Desserts

I'm a "eat dessert first" kinda gal, and Valentine's Day is no different. So I've rounded up some of my faves to share here. 

I mean, if Valentine's day is not en excuse to cook up something sweet for the ones you love, then why not treat yourself?! ;)

February 1, 2014

FOUR Valentine's Day DIY Card Ideas with FREE Printables

As promised, today I'm sharing 4 super easy, mega cute Valentine's Day card ideas that you can make at home. And it includes free printables!!

Perfect little project for the the weekend.

January 31, 2014

TUTORIAL: Sweet Heart Lollipop Valentine's Day Card

I have 4 freebie Valentine's Day card templates coming your way tomorrow (yes, you can do a happy dance *wink*), so today I thought it cool to share a cute DIY idea using one of the cards. 

It's kinda like an edible gift and card in one. Now, that's my kind of craft! ;)
And it's so easy, even the kids can help.

January 29, 2014

Sealed with a Glittered Kiss: DIY Valentine's Day Hair Accessory


Did you know you can make just about anything your little heart desires, using party printables? Yep! Take a look at this glittered (!!) lip-shaped hair clip I made for my daughter. Don't you just love it? I also made a grown-up version for me. Because I'm worth it ;)

It would be so cute as part of a Valentine's party frock, or a cute fashion accessory to give to your BFFs. Plus, the fact it's super easy to make and quick too, would make a great non-candy party favor! What's not to ♥?! 

Full tutorial below.

January 28, 2014

Round up of FREE Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine's has kicked off yesterday good and proper with our free 'You Rock' printables! And today we have rounded up some of our faves, and beyond adorable free Valentine's Printables for ya! 

Don't you just ♥ them?!

January 27, 2014

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Gift Idea with Free Printables !!

This year I wanted to design a kid-friendly Valentine's Day freebie that could work for anyone or any age - Think teachers, boys, girls, your latest playground crush, grandparents, BFFs...and because I'm always saying it to the people I love, "YOU ROCK" was my inspiration.

Which of course led to the idea of the guitar design...which in turn made me crave candy (yes, I work in mysterious ways.). Anyways, this is how the humble candy tube turned into a super cool guitar . Pretty simple and quick to make too, but such a cute result, don't you think? :)

January 11, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Just a quick pit stop to share some cuties! No better way to start the weekend, right?! ;)

Whether you like traditional red and pink or fancy something modern and unique, we have some great ideas to help you style a gorgeous Valentine's this year!! ♥

October 26, 2013

CAKE NEWS: Style Sweet CA SHOP now open!!!

Hi there, cake friends! While I am usually here to share my experiences with cake decorating and tricks working with fondant and icing in the "Cake It Pretty" series, I am happy to be talking about another passion of mine today...

September 10, 2013

Cake it Pretty: Cake Serving Guide

CakeServingGuide by Style Sweet CA

Everyone knows that no matter how gorgeous and grand a cake can be, it still must taste delicious. But do you ever wonder how to tackle cutting a gigantic cake to find out? Want to serve a lovely layer cake for a dinner party dessert, but don't know what size to make for various party attendees? 

Well, fear no longer! When it comes to determining serving size and how to slice into a beautiful cake with confidence, I've got you covered.

May 2, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch: Easy muffin recipe that kids can make for mom!

These savory Olive, Feta and Pesto muffins are delicious, so easy and quick to make, and kids will love getting involved - Dads, are you reading? Honestly, you can make the batter in 10 minutes! Plus, it's also low in fat - perfect for moms watching their figure!  ;)

February 13, 2013

Cake it Pretty: VALENTINE sprinkle MACARONS

i love valentines day. i love macarons. i love sprinkles.
this idea kinda has me all over it :) 

School Classroom Valentine's Party: Bee My Valentine

There's still time to pull off a cute Valentine's Day party - Get inspired by this really fun School Valentine's Party from one of our readers! 

February 12, 2013

Quick and Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts


Only 2 says to go, but these super sweet and totally adorable party favor ideas or gifts, are very quick to put together. Just grab some candy tubes or boxes + your Valentine's fave candies or Hershey's Kisses + cute party printables, and you're off! ;)

Bird's Party Blog is all about Party Printables, Party Tips and Ideas for Party Printables and Event Styling, Party Supplies, Party Crafts, Party Food and Recipes to help you celebrate in style whatever the occasion!

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