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February 10, 2013

Handmade With Love: Easy DIY Valentine's Heart Soap

My husband is not a sweet kinda guy. I'm mean, he's very sweet as a husband, he just doesn't like eating sweet things. So my baking cookies or cakes on Valentine's Day is wasted on him. This is why handmade, cute, scented, sparkly, heart-shaped LOVE soap is the perfect DIY gift for him!

But if the words handmade soap sound scary, then fear not - I'm using 'Melt and Pour' Soap base, so it's super quick and easy! ;)

February 9, 2013

My Heart Leaps For You: FREE Printable Valentine's Bag Toppers

This one is ideal for the boys and for classroom Valentine's - Simply print, cut and staple to a bag of cute leaping frogs, for a non-candy Valentine's Gift!

Keep reading to download your FREE printables.

February 8, 2013

TUTORIAL: Valentine's Neon Heart Backdrop using Post-it Notes!

Call me old school, but I heart Post-It Notes. I use them to jot down notes, set reminders, bookmark pages, and label just about anything. When I came across this picture on Pinterest, I couldn't wait for the opportunity to make an eye-catching backdrop from the world's favorite sticky notes.

February 7, 2013

Cake it Pretty: Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies

Today it's all about baking! And what better way to celebrate our love of sweet things, than with these gorgeous heart shaped Valentine's cookies from Haniela's?!

And Hani baked them especially to match Bird's Party NEW Modern Valentine's Day Printables!! How cool is that?! :)

February 6, 2013

Cake it Pretty: Valentine's Day Cream Cheese Cake Pops

I made these cake pops for my Modern Valentine's Party.

This my attempt to make the simple cake balls look cute with the addition of some pink hearts. Anything looks better with pink hearts on, right?! :)

February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Modern Pink, Teal and Yellow Art Inspired Valentine's Day Desserts Table

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: Modern Pink, Teal and Yellow Art Inspired Valentine's Day Desserts Table

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the "Valentine Grinch", but I can't help but be a little tired of all the red and pink decorations out there...So this year, I decided to go out on a limb and try a different color palette for my Valentine's Party - Fuchsia, Teal and Yellow. What do you think? :)

This party also has lots of home-made elements as I baked, styled and crafted...

January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day Cute-TEA + FREE Printables

Every morning I bring my husband tea in bed. Can't really remember when it started, but that's how we roll. 
He loves tea. And love him. So that's probably why...

Anyways, this Valentine's I decided to serve a little extra sweetness along with the tea.

January 28, 2013

Easy DIY Valentine's Party Favors: Message Candy Bags

It's always nice to start the week on a sweet note, don't you think? And there's nothing sweeter than a cute packaging idea for your Valentine's party favors!

This one is from the creative Crissy, and it does exactly what it says on the packet. Love + sweetness guaranteed! ;)

January 25, 2013

Heart Balloon Cookies - Step-by-Step Tutorial + Recipe!

Hi, it's Hani from Haniela's.  Are you getting ready for the Valentine's Day? Here is a cute idea to add to your Valentine's Cookie repertoire - Heart Balloon Cookies

Step-by-step + recipe below.

January 24, 2013

Spread The Cookie Love

There's nothing more loving in my view than a box of homemade, edible delights. I mean, taking the time to say "I Love You" or "You Matter" with a box of sugary things, makes for a pretty special gift, don't think?! :)

Our contributor Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design thinks so too. Check out her recipe for the most pretty and scrumptious Valentine's Heart Cookies below.

January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Table Setting Ideas: DIY Paper Cutlery Pockets

I love thinking up new ideas on how to re-purpose printables. Take a sheet of printable scrapbook paper + some heart favor tags, for instance - the possibilities are truly endless!

I hate waste also, and have used the off cuts of the paper to embellish some pretty cute Valentine's Cutlery Pockets! Step-by-step below...

January 21, 2013

Valentine’s Day Kandy Kone Styling Challenge!!!

EXCITED to see all the fabulous entries over on Superchickland's Valentine's Day Kandy Kone Challenge!!

I'm guest judging along with Pizzazzerie's darling, Courtney Dial  and SuperChick herself, Geneviève - All I can say it's gonna be hard to choose....

BTW, which one is YOUR fave?! I'd love some help! ;)

Valentine's Day Party Ideas: LOVE Potion

Nice to start the week spreading the luuurve, right?! :)

Crissy from Crissy's Crafts has done it again - Simplicity + fabulosity + some cute printables, all bottled into one super cute Valentine's Day Gift or Party favor = LOVE POTION. ♥

January 18, 2013

Easy Valentine's Party Favors with FREE Printable Party Tags!

Easy Valentine's Party Favors with FREE Printable Party Tags!

OK, so we're all geared up for Valentine's here and will be bringing you some super fabulous posts in the next few weeks!

January 17, 2013

Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes

I'm a sucker for easy recipes (pun intended) and there's nothing easier than these Valentine's Heart Lollipops - Wait for it...Made with left over candy canes from Christmas! How cool is that?! :)

I saw the idea a while back on Pinterest, and just had to try it - We always get tons of candy cane left over from Christmas and this is also the perfect way to use them up! 

My kids got involved in the making of course, and fun was had all round - Bonus, for when you're stuck indoors due to cold weather! ;)

January 15, 2013

How to Make Homemade Marshmallows + Recipe

Following on from my posts last week on styling a Hot Cocoa Bar here and here, I thought it would really be handy to share a recipe on how to make lHomemade Marshmallows! ;)

I know you may be thinking - "Why the heck would I want to make my own marshmallows" - Well, I thought that too...BEFORE I made them!! The taste for starters, is beyond dreamy (and quite addictive). Plus, it's a real fun thing to make (with or without kids).  AND if that wasn't enough to convince you, making your own marshmallows means you can color them and cut them in any shape you like to match your party theme and colors perfectly! ;)

February 14, 2012

Happy and Sweet Valentine's Day!

Today more than any other, is the day to spread the ♥ and sweetness! And I have for you some real party photos that may do just that - They come from our sweet customer Gillian, who in turn sent me some ♥ yesterday when she wrote me the sweetest email:

"Hello again Bird! Your printables are so gorgeous. ...feel proud that you put a smile on so many peoples faces.  Just looking at all your gorgeous designs and pics gives me a lift!" 

February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentine's Party Ideas

I had a small surprise tea party for my girls to celebrate Valentine's Day. My oldest daughter's  birthday is on Valentine's day so most of the time we overlook Valentine's Day. This year was different, we had a Valentine's party for their girlfriends but I wanted to do something just for us! 

Hope you enjoy, and can find some last minute inspiration for your own Valentine's Day Celebrations!

February 9, 2012

Cake it Pretty: Chocolate Valentine's Cake

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I'm a chocoholic. And so are my offspring...
So what better way to say "I ♥ you" on Valentine's than with a (big) slice of the good stuff??!

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