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June 23, 2014

4th of July FREE Printables

Since we're still in world cup mode 'round here, and because 4th of July is around the corner; I thought it would be really cool to take a Brazilian recipe and give it a USA twist.

So I came up with red, white and blue themed Brigadeiro Spoons (recipe coming soon) - the perfect sweet treat to watch those football / soccer matches, or to display on your July 4th dessert tables.
These yummy spoons make really cute party favors too, just wrap them in a clear bag and add a  FREE printable 4th of July tag - Being sent out all this month to our Email subscribers (click here to subscribe and you'll get it in tomorrow's email).

June 17, 2014

World Cup Party: Brazilian Appetizer Coxinha de Galinha Recipe

Onward with our Wold Cup Party ideas, today I'm sharing another of my fave Brazilian recipes: Coxinha de Galinha.

Coxinha come from the name for 'little thigh' in Portuguese, because these little morsels look just like...well, little chicken thighs. They are really popular, and present in most Brazilian parties and celebration buffets, so we couldn't have a Brazilian inspired World Cup party without them. Even Nigella has her own recipe for these! 

Nowadays, these coxinhas don't always contain chicken. I've tasted them with ground beef and even prawns! They are perfect as an appetizer to accompany a nice Batida cocktail while you watch the soccer / football, but also great with a side salad as a starter. With plenty of hot sauce!! ;)

June 13, 2014

World Cup Party: Brazilian Pineapple & Coconut Batida Cocktail

Did you watch the World Cup opening match yesterday? Nail biting, right? 

Well, with a few days of match-watching, celebrating and cheering for our favorite soccer / football teams; there's nothing better to get in the tropical spirit of things than with a  refreshing Brazilian drink!

We all know and love the Caipirinhas (try this cool twist), but have you heard about another popular cocktail called 'Batida'? The name literally means 'beaten' and derives from the fact that all the ingredients are well; beaten or blitzed in a  blender. Now, you can't get easier than that for a cocktail, right?! :)

June 11, 2014

World Cup Party: Brazilian Appetizer Pão de Queijo Recipe

The football or soccer World Cup kicks off tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate, party and watch the games then with some traditional Brazilian recipes, snacks and appetizers?! 

These little pão de queijo (little cheese breads rolls) are typically served at breakfast or at afternoon snack, but these bite-sized morsels are also perfect appetizer to accompany a nice cold beer!! Tried and tested ;)

June 10, 2014

World Cup Party Ideas: Soccer Football Inspired Party Desserts Table

World Cup Party Ideas: Soccer Football Birthday Party Ideas, Printables and Desserts Table
My son is football ( soccer ) mad, so he was beyond giddy to see me style this party for Bird's Party Magazine! And I must say, for a bird who likes pink, I really was surprised how much I enjoyed it too!
So today I'm sharing all the photos and details to help you re-create the party look and desserts table at home. Oh, and I've also added a World Cup party page to the shop, including the favor bags, candy tubes, twine and paper lanterns etc used in this party; to help you style with ease and find all the essentials for celebrating your favorite world cup goals!! ;)

June 9, 2014

Football or Soccer Party Ideas: DIY Funky Football Candy Display

Foortball or Soccer Party Ideas: DIY Funky Football Candy Display
I'm not usually a huge fan of football (soccer) but something about the World Cup that just makes me wanna watch, party and cheer. We've always held world cup match watching celebrations in our family since I was a child, so I guess it's tradition now. Especially since this year it's been held in Brazil!! Talk about fun overload, right?! :)
So all this week I'll be sharing some creative party ideas inspired by the beautiful game, and its world cup host country!! So you can expect a touch of samba, a pinch of folia and lots of fun on the 'menu'! ;)

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