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Mother's Day Party Inspiration: A Mother and Daughter Tea Party

Wednesday, May 04, 2011C Riches

Today's post is courtesy of my sweet, talented friend Alexandra from Enchanted Events and Design. I just love the idea of a sweet tea party on Mother's Day and I'm pretty certain my little girl would LOVE dressing up in hats and gloves for the occasion! :)

A mommy and daughter tea partyI set up one table for the moms with cakes, sandwiches and black tea and a separate, smaller table for the girls with kid friendly treats and herbal tea. The first stop for the girls was the desserts table., and then  they picked up hats, white gloves and pearl necklaces!

At the girls' table they enjoyed carrots (with celery bow ties attached with cream cheese), ants on a log (peanut butter on celery with raisins), strawberries, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs and yogurt melts. 

The weather was beautiful. It was an incredibly enjoyable time. This is the first year our three year olds are fully grasping the concepts of holidays. Watching them skip around the yard looking for eggs all on their own while we got to sit and relax was absolutely thrilling!

Well Alexandra, this was a truly stunning party with a very girly feel - My kinda party! 
Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous party ideas here! :)

Party Credits: 

Enchanted Events and Design: party styling, photography, printables, floral arrangements
Lil Princess Bows: Mother and daughter bows
Michaels:Table décor, baskets
Target: Hats, white gloves, “pearl” necklaces

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  1. So sweet and the layout is beautiful! I'm in love with the garden and fountain!!

  2. Rabbits and ants would make any child gladly eat their vegetables. So cute! All I need now are granddaughters.

  3. This is such a precious idea. I have a little girl, who I would LOVE to do a Mother/Daughter tea party with. She would just love that :)

  4. This is so precious and a great idea! I can't wait to do it in a few years when my daughters are older! :)

  5. Lisa, that's so true! When veg look this funky it's not hard! ;)

  6. What a nice idea for such sweet little girls. This is my first visit to your site, so I've been exploring. You have created a wonderful spot for your readers and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I definitely will be back. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  7. This is so precious! I hope when I have kids, I get some girly girls!

  8. Mary, April thanks for stopping by!

    Mary, you've just made my day! Thanks you for the lovely comment, and please DO come back!! :)

  9. Applause for Alexandra for a truly lovely tea party concept! Every detail is just adorable (having such a fabulous garden doesn't hurt either!). Happy Mother's Day, all!

  10. Thank you all. I have to say one of my favorite aspects of planning the party was getting an opportunity to utilize family. Instead of buying vintage items (tea sets, table cloths, etc) I asked older relatives and got a chance to reconnect with them while we sifted through their amazing stuff!

    And the beautiful yard is the home of my husband's aunt. It inspired the entire party!

  11. Alex, I love rummaging through other people's treasures too hehehe
    Honestly, stunning work!! Thanks for sharing it here! XO

  12. Que coisa mais linda! Amei o prato de três andares cheio de docinhos fofos... as fotos também estão perfeitas! Bjs!

  13. Very pretty! I love the idea of a tea, but I don’t think the guys would be so into that.

  14. PartyMom: suggest to them edible ants and edible bugs, and I'm sure they'll love it! ;D

  15. Wow! What a great idea :D
    I will definitely do this with my little daughter! You've done an amazing job! :)
    And your daughters are really cute little angels! :D
    Blessings, Mahrukh Hameed!


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