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DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day

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DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

Remember this CD candle holder I posted here? Well, I thought the same idea would make for a super fun, mega quick craft. And hence the perfect last minute father's day gift!

But instead of a candle holder (not sure dads are into scented candles much...), I made a personalized photo cube that dad can use to store all his bits and bobs, or display proudly on his desk or bed-side table!

What's not to like? It's handmade with love, super quick to make, involves up-cycling unwanted items (so it's also inexpensive), and oozes bespoke charm?! ;)

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day

Materials Needed:

* 5 CD cases
* Hot glue (strong, multi-purpose glue will do)
* Family photos printed to fit CD case dimensions

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

1) Open a Word or similar document, and insert family photos into a blank document. Trim each photo to fit inside your CD case, and make them black and white if you wish. Mine were 12 cm x 12 cm (approx. 5 inches). Print photos onto card or photo paper and cut. 

2) Fit 4 of the CD cases with a photo. Add a square of white card to the fifth CD (this will be the bottom of the box, and no-one will see it)

3) Hot glue the first CD to the base, using something to prop it up until dry. It only takes a few minutes.

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

4) Carry on all 4 sides of the CD base until you get your cube. Be sure to glue only the back lids together so the CD can open - This will allow you to change the photos any time! ;)

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

Dad can use them to store tools, remote controls, as an office desk tidy, and so on. When it come to wrapping, why not fill the cube with dad's fave candy for that added extra bit of sweetness!! ;)

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

DIY Photo Cube Gift for Father's Day -

Instead of photos, you could also insert little notes and other embellishments into the CD cases - Think poems, kid's drawings, scrapbook papers, ribbons scraps, inspirational signs etc...

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  1. My question is that do you use thin cases or think cases when you create these cube photo frames?


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