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NO-Sew, Express Baskets for your Easter Egg Hunt with FREE Printable Pattern

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NO-Sew, Express Baskets for your Easter Egg Hunt wit FREE Printable Pattern

If for some reason or another you haven't done any crafty things for Easter, fear not!

Today I 'm showing you an easy-peasy, express craft that even a child can do  - Tried and tested by yours truly and her gang of mini helpers.

Every year, the Easter bunny hides chocolate eggs around our garden, and leaves us clues as to where they're hidden.

The texts changes every year, but it's basically little notes written in rhyme with cute little clues - Isn't the Easter bunny such a darling?! :)

And this year I decided to make some DIY baskets so the kids have something cute and practical to put their eggs in - Just don't put all the eggs in one basket! Sorry couldn't help myself...

These are NO-SEW, no measure, and have no complicated instruction or skills required - Just some glue and foam needed. Oh, and a pair of willing hands - Great craft to make with the kids too!

I've done all the work (it took a few attempts..), all you have to do is assemble it - And no, there are no IKEA-style kits either! ;)

NO-Sew, Express Baskets for your Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed:

* Printable Easter Egg Hunt Basket Template - See below
* Colored craft foam A4 sheets (x2 per basket) in your choice of colors
* Hot Glue Gun
* Embellishment (Optional): buttons, ribbon scraps, glitter, pre-cut foam shapes, black pen, googly eyes etc

Directions: (Also provided with template)

1) Just cut the pattern from foam. I used two A4 sheets and scraps for decoration (I bought a pack of multi-coloured A4 foam sheets - no more than €2 from a craft store)  

2) Slot the tabs into the slits - Yes, those are the technical terms, thank you...

3) Secure the tabs in place with a dot of glue - hot glue or fabric glue work best. 

4) Glue the bunny to the side and there you have it - The quickest, most adorable little baskets for your Easter Egg Hunts! (or anything else your little heart desires)

NO-Sew, Express Baskets for your Easter Egg Hunt wit FREE Printable Pattern

We decorated ours with  pre-cut foam shapes (edges were dabbed with pink blusher), ribbon and tissue paper inside. But if you don't have the time nor the disposition, they're just as cute au naturel - Would also make a great Easter Favor Bag, don't you think?

Oh, and if you intend to download these, please send us some love back and put a PIN on IT? Much appreciated! ;)

Tag your crafts #BirdsParty on social media so we can share! ;)

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