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FREEBIES: Back to School Party and Printable Goodies

Monday, August 16, 2010C Riches

My little girl is starting kindergarten this September (yikes!) and my son is moving up to a "big" class so the nest will seem a little quieter without my little chicks for a few hours of the day. ...They grow up fast don't they?!!

To help make this step a little easier and less scary for them (and for hubs and I too), we decided to celebrate and make this occasion a "happy" one. You know the old saying: "Keep calm and have a cupcake?" Well, this is exactly what I am aiming for!! :)

We'll be away at the end of this week and when we come back it's straight back  into the School routine, so I thought I'd get organised and designed the Back To School party printables and some other goodies before we leave...

I plan to actually pack some sweeties and cupcakes  into their lunch boxes. Hoping they'll share them with their peers and make some new friends! ;)

I've also included a scrap-booking background sheets in this printable collection. I've used them here to cover some metal cans to help get their school bits and bobs organized at home, but you could use it to cover or wrap anything you liked...candy jars, napkin rings, water bottles, etc.

The cupcake toppers can also be used as stickers to embellish notebooks, thank you cards for teacher's, lunch bags and more! If you print them on label paper it make the job a lot easier too.

And off course there are some book labels that you can print, fill in by hand and use as book plates or even as a fun, party bag label if you're throwing a Back To School Party! :)

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