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Halloween Party Collection and Spooky Ideas for your Halloween party!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010C Riches

As promised, I bring you the printables Halloween Party Collection hot from my cauldron! :)

The complete Halloween Party Collection is now available in the shop and includes: Party invites, 2" round cupcake toppers, party bag labels, party tags, party icons (bats, witches, black cat, pumpkins), napkin rings that can also be used as candy jar wrappers, straw flags and more!

I wanted to design a collection that was fun and practical too, and contained all the designs and templates to help you create fabulous and unique party supplies and make your DIY Halloween party an event to remember! :)

One of my favourite items is the bunting that has a "Happy Halloween" and a "Trick or Treat" banner!

 The Halloween Party Collection is complete with all the party supplies and party props you might need, from the invites to the party décor. For instance, the napkin rings also double as candy jar wrappers, straw flags and you could even use them as background sheets or scrap-booking your party photos!

For the shoot, I carried on using the orange and black colour scheme on the printables, but you could also incorporate lime green and purple with the napkins and tableware too!

For the candy, why not use a cute black, witch's cauldron (metal bucket) to gather up your sweet or as a fun dessert table container (see photo above)?

Use the cute Halloween party icons from the collection as embellishment to add a fun, spooky touch. I used bats, but in the party collection you have a choice of pumpkins, witches, black cats....

Some of the cupcake toppers from the Halloween Party Collection include "Trick or Treat", "Monster Treats" and a "Witches Brew" texts which look fab when helping to label some of the foods  and drinks on offer on any spooky dessert table! :)

Here I used some very cute, small glass bottle I found for €1 at Casa filled with orange squash, but the same effect can also be achieved with water bottles and soda bottles too. Simply hot glue some ribbon around each and place a cupcake topper in the centre of the bottle with double-sided tape.

As well as round cupcake toppers or 2" party circles, I have included some round, orange pumpkin toppers that look ever so cool as cupcake toppers but also as straw decorations, envelope seals, candy jar labels, and more!

The blank party tags can also be used on food tables, dessert tables or indeed as place-holder cards and party tags!

Brown paper bags with cute party tags also look cool and are very handy too. I used the napkin rings  from the party collection as backing paper and stuck a cupcake topper cut into a square as a tag here.

Alternatively, use the napkin rings from the party collection around drink bottles or candy jars and containers as the photos above. To give the labels a little 3-d effect, stick them down with a foamy pad instead of tape.

 If giving out candy or Halloween party favors, use a fold-over party label over plastic candy bags. A matching ribbon will make any scary pumpkin look cute, huh?! :)

The Halloween party icons can also be used to embellish party tables, welcome signs or you could make a nice , spooky garland with them - The important thing is to use your creativity and have fun with it!

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