October 5, 2010

TUTORIAL: Easy Paper Cupcake Stands

When I saw these adorable cupcake stand on Amy Atlas a while back, I just fell in love and immediately bookmarked the site that sold them. So imagine to my delight, when a fellow crafty blogger posted a tutorial on her blog to make a very similar cupcake stand! Too good not to share, right?! :)

My tried and tested version....cute or what?! :)
Patterned sheet from my  Tea Party Collection

The original tutorial and template was done by Francine from the fabulously creative, brazilian blog Trecos e Apetrechos da FranI have translated it here for you...

party tutorials crafts
1. Print your template onto patterned cardstock or print onto standard A4 paper and transfer it to a material of your choice later - You can use MDF, cardboard, polystyrene sheets, coloured cardstock etc...

2. Then cut the parts and slot the feet together, fixing with a dot of hot glue if necessary. Its quite self-explanatory when you look at the pictures...

3. Add some more hot glue onto the feet and place the stand top on, pressing firmly.

Just add a cupcake and display proudly! :)

Easy, huh? But if you're pushed for time or really can't be bothered, you can still get your hands on a  fabulous little cupcake stand from Hello Hanna.

Thanks so much Francine for sharing this really cute and useful party tutorial! :)

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