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My Last Minute, Budget Halloween Dessert Table!

Friday, October 29, 2010C Riches

I know you probably have seen a lot of Halloween dessert tables lately, but if you want some very last minute, easy and inexpensive DIY ideas, then today's post is for you! :)

This table was literally thrown together at the last minute and on a budget, when my hubs decided to invite friends over Wednesday evening...also at the very last minute! Don't you just love it when men do that?! :)
Anyway, as Halloween is nearly upon us, I decided to set-up a little dessert table with what I had to hand, to amuse my guests and get us all in the mood for Trick or Treat on the weekend!

It was crazy alright, but I really had a lot of fun and it did not cost a penny, as I had all the props and food at home...I started prepping the décor and desserts at about 14:00 and finished it all by 16:00 in time to do my nails! :)

For the sweet treats, I quickly decorated some chocolate muffins (yes, no time to bake cupcakes I'm afraid!) with orange home-made butter-cream frosting, candy (always have that at home no matter what time of year..),  chocolate bars wrapped in candy wrapper from my Halloween Party Collection as favors, and some chocolate-filled biscuits (shop-bought) that are always popular with kids (and adults..).

Drinks were orange cordial for the kids and Buck's Fizz for grown ups. I also made some orange jellies and decorated the rims of the cups with orange sugar (just mix sugar with food colouring, wet rim with juice or water then dib-dab the rim). I then decorated the cups with liquorish wheels - Looked fun and was also  a tasty treat! 

For the décor, I re-purposed the silver branches from my Bollywood Party and stuck some of the Halloween party icons I already had cut to the branches, together with some fake spider webs. A couple of silver candlesticks and orange candles, ceramic pumpkins and black crow completed the spooky look!

The tablecloth was also re-purposed from the Bollywood party (the orange fabric used for the backdrop) , and draped with some scraps of silver mesh fabric, and adorned with the banner from the Halloween Printable Party Collection.

I used a lot of orange and black polka-dot ribbon as well as the items from my Halloween Party Collection I had to hand, to embellish the candy jars, juice bottles and also scattered some plastic spiders around for an "eek-y" effect! :)

The final result was pleasing enough, and a hit with the guests (I love it when a plan works out! hehe). It helped a lot that I already had the party printables cut from my Halloween shoot, (and a little help from Mr Bird) but I'm sure you can adapt some of the ideas? 

If you have more time you can really go to town on the décor and food too, but if you 're in a hurry, or perhaps have a small budget to spend on your Halloween table, then I hope you can get some inpiration from this.....I guess you could say it was a spooky, speedy Halloween tablescape! ;)

Wishing you all a Spooktacular Halloween!! :)

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  1. This was a last minute setup for you?! WOW! It looks awesome!

  2. Cris, que mesa mais liiiinda e cheia de detalhes curiosos! Amei a aranha andando em cima dos biscoitos, rsrsrsrs!!!! Os tons preto e laranja ficaram ótimos e o corvo também tem tudo a ver com o Halloween! Sucesso total! Um grande beijo!

  3. Cris
    Estou cada vez mais surpresa com as suas criações! Cada coisa linda... você está cada vez mais criativa!!!!
    Menina, não tenho conseguido passar nem pra comentar... anda uma loucura. Fim de ano tá acabando comigo!

  4. Amy, sure was! The speediest Halloween table I've ever done hehehe

    Katia e Lele valeu pelo incentivo!! Beijao!

  5. That is such an amazing set-up for only two hours of work! Very impressed!

  6. PartyMom, It's worth noting I already had the party printables already cut from my Halloween photo shoot! ;)

  7. Cris, ficou tudo muito lindo. Não acredito que só levou 2 horas!!! Vc é demais. Eu levaria a tarde inteira pra preparar isso, mesmo se eu já tivesse as artes prontas e cortadas...
    Vc é muito ligeira.
    Parabéns! Meu marido nunca convidou nignuém de última hora, graças a Deus. Eu não sei o que faria. Mas com certeza, não teria isnpiração para uma produção dessas.

  8. haha Clau o marido convidou de ultima hora, mas eu ja queria ter feito uma dessas e aproveitei a oportunidade rsrsrs

    Que bom ter vc de volta!!


  9. There is nothing thrown together about this display! Love it, great job!!

  10. Looks great and definitely doesn't look like you did it at the last minute!!!

  11. I think my husband ONLY knows how to invite people over at the last minute - but I never come up with anything this good with short notice!!!

  12. Darcey, he was forced to help out as a punishment hehe

  13. OMG i imagine what you can do if you have more time!!!! This is amazing!!

  14. Wow! I can't believe that was last minute, how could it look better or more professional?!

    Great job!

  15. Branbcoprata! Thank you!! You guys are AWESOME and having your positive feedback means the world! :)

    Michelle, you are so kind!! :)
    If you look closely, you'll see how! hehehe

  16. Wow! Love it all! Makes my last minute seem very inadequate! haha! Great job as always! Kerri

  17. Kerri,thank you! It helps I design my own printable to hehe

  18. Two hours?! You are seriously talented...and fast! I love it! Oh, I wish it could be Halloween forever!

  19. Amiga, que festa maravilhosa em tão pouco tempo!!! Você é incrível!
    Parabéns! Estava tudo lindo!

  20. Very nice table! Can't believe it's last minute! We wouldn't have been able to tell =)


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