November 18, 2010

New Year's Eve Party Ideas: A Black & White 'Glitter and Snow' Party!

This one was designed with all you chic and stylish people in mind! ;)
Great for a sophisticated Winter Birthday Party, glitz Holiday Celebrations or a glam New Year's Eve Party!

I wanted something a little more grown-up, with cleaner lines and a "black tie" vibe for this printable collection, and was inspired by Glitter Balls, Sparkly Baubles and Snowballs, hence the Glitter and Snow Party Collection! :)

Most of the food choice was geared to match the black and white color palette, with bite-sized, black and white French Artisan Nougat in cute little jars and dark chocolate truffles as favors, white snow cakes and licorice swirls, black tie cupcakes (tutorial coming soon), sparkling champagne and even dark chocolate Oreos! :) 

I also made my specialty "Snow Mousse" which is TO DIE FOR, and I'll be sharing the recipe here soon. To serve the white mousse I used little black pots wit lids, and displayed the 2" cupcake toppers on the lids. Aren't they cute? :)

For the tablecloth, I used a white linen one and sewed a sparkly 2" wide black ribbon around the rim to "frame" the décor and add texture. The backdrop was a curtain panel that I found on sale.

Baubles borrowed from the Holiday décor around the home were displayed in a tall glass vase to add interest and sparkle, along with round-shaped monochrome candles to match the snowball designs! Lots of polka dot black and white ribbon, glittery black roses and a couple of sweet white penguins helped to embellish the table and accent the designs nicely.

My favorite way of displaying the treats on this dessert table has to be the oh-sooooooo stylish mirrored plates! I was inspired by my Bollywood Party set-up and the mirrors helped to add "lightness", sparkle and touches of silver to the table! If you can't find mirrored plates, simply get pieces cut at a local hard-ware store - Inexpensive and adds a very luxurious touch to any dessert table!

This Black and White party collection includes invites, party labels, stylish drink markers for all your champagne flutes, favor tags, thank you labels, candy jars labels, place-holder cards and more, as well as CUSTOMIZABLE templates to help you add a touch of sparkle to your end of year events and celebrations!


Party Summary:

Ideal for Winter Birthday, Glam Holiday Collection and New Year's Celebrations

Party Theme: Glitter and Snow Party
Design Icons: Glitter balls, baubles and lots of sparkle
Color Palette: Black and White

Party Printables and Dessert Table Styling: Bird's Party
Favor jars, White Penguins and glitter baubles: Gifi
Photography: Bird

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