Easter Party Ideas: How to Make Plush Birdies - Tutorial and FREE Templates

Thursday, April 07, 2011C Riches

I get soooo many emails asking about my Plush Birdies, that I finally decided Easter is a great time to share them with you! Once upon a time the pattern was for sale in my plush Etsy store, but now you can have them for FREE!

But if you reeeeeeally want to show your appreciation, who am I to stop you? In that case, please keep voting for us on Circle of Moms - Thank you from the ♥! :)


These cute,  plush birds are perfect as Easter Decor, or embellish centerpieces....If you can think of other ways of using them, then to upload your plush photos to our Facebook Fan page here or email them to us - We'd LOVE to see!! :)

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