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Link up Your Party & Celebrations No.3

9:14 AMC Riches

Link up Your Party & Celebrations No.3

Hey folks, before we get this party started I'd like to ask you for a huuuuuuuge favor....You see, Bird's Party Blog has been nominated (by you) to the Top 25 Party Planning Blogs on Circle of Moms, and we are more than a bit delighted!!


Link up Your Party & Celebrations No.3

We now need your support to help keep us in!! So if you like us and think we deserve your VOTE, please, please KEEP VOTING once a day until April 11th right there on the sidebar - It's real quick and you'd make me a really grateful Birdie! :)

♥ Click here to vote for Bird's Party Blog! ♥

Now, after you cast your vote (hehe) come back and link up your fabulous parties and celebrations posts here! The ones that catch our eye will be featured in a special post next Monday and placed permanently in our Party Ideas Page here!

Oh yeah, and we'd only ask that you please link back to this post so others can find us too ok? Cheers! :)

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