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DIY Bridal Shower Paper Flower Pomander for GetMarried

5:22 PMC Riches

DIY Bridal Shower Paper Flower Pomander for GetMarried -

Want to know how to make these stunning flower pomanders? Then head over to the Get Married site where we have create an exclusive tutorial sheet for you to print for FREE!! 

Now, don't say I don't spoil you! :)

You can get the tutorial along with our exclusive Bridal Shower printable designs for FREE on the Get Married website every Friday this month!!

Click here to read all about it and print yours!

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  1. So pretty, love the colors!!! Wish I had a wedding or shower to throw :)

  2. Saw these and think they are fantastic, and wanted to print the tutorial but for some reason it wont print the scribd file from the wedding site. Is there any other way to get a copy of this tutorial?

    Thanks for all your wonderful work =)


  3. Hi Kath, thanks! Glad you like them! You can't download them (that was put in place on purpose), but you can certainly print them. :)

    try this link:

    Hope it helps!

  4. Hi Bird

    Sadly i cant seem to print them. I click the print option and everytime it tries but then my printer spits out an error message :( and if i try to use the webbrowser print option it just gives me a blank page with the scribd url at the top


  5. Hi Kath, I'm without internet here so hopefully I can investigate that further for you next week (provided my internet is back) i'm writing from a local cafe.. :(

    Have a fab weekend,

  6. Love it! Now....question the straws in the cups beside the paper flowers - I need to get a closer look at those! What type straws are those?

  7. Hi Sol, thanks! Those are actually ceramic tea spoons I found at a thrifty store near me (France) with little holes on the handles. I just tied pieces of matching pink and yellow ribbon to them ;)

    You can try Michael's or Jo-Ann's?


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