Father's Day

TUTORIAL + FREEBIES: DIY "Origami Shirt" Cupcake Toppers for Father's Day!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011C Riches

Last year I made these cute Origami Shirt Cupcake Toppers, which I used to decorate some cupcakes for friends. Everybody loved them so much, that today I decided to share some of my templates with you guys...

I added few new designs like the ones above in the picture, as well as Irish Dad!! :)

You can download and print them HERE
Follow easy instructions on how to make origami t-shirts HERE

If you download Hani's templates and use them for your Father's Day or other celebrations, then we'd LOVE to see your photos! :)

And don't forget you can also download our Father's Day printables from our FREEBIES page. 

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