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Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas & Printables

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Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -

The styled shoot for my NEW Wild West Cowboy Party Collection was a thing of a classic, slapstick comedy...

The ispiration for this party theme came to me when my I saw my cowboy/farmer neighbor ploughing the field in front of our house to make hay in the summer. The thing is, the hay is collected within 3 days and if I wanted any hay bales in my shoot, this was my (very narrow) window of opportunity...

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Party Inspiration and Printables

Just imagine designing, printing, cutting and baking, whilst simultaneously carrying a tripod and camera, and running up and down a field full of prickly hay in the heat with gale force winds...all in the name of parties! Now, that's what I call "Wild"! :)

These are the fruits of my labor...Oh, and please excuse the printables AND food trying to fly away in the wind...

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -
Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -
Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -
Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -
Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party with Printables -

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Styling and DIY Decorations

The styling idea here was to create a party with elements and decorations that you could easily transport to a field in the country, for a "picnic" or al fresco birthday celebrations with your little cowboys. So, practical "Cowboy's Chuck" packed lunches ready assembled in little brown paper bags tied with twine and cupcakes in jars with lids, were a must for their practicality!

I printed the "cowboy's chuck" party tags onto A4 label paper (from Amazon) so it was really easy to stick them to the packed lunch bags.

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Party Food, Cowboy's Chuck and Drinks

The cupcakes in jars were assembled using chocolate cupcake, vanilla cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. These worked really nicely, tasted scrumptious and looked very cute too!

Chocolate milk in cute vintage bottles with edible chocolate straws, homemade caramel popcorn (recipe coming soon) served in mini wicker baskets (from my local thrifty store), shop-bought mini Bakewell tarts with fresh cherries on top and little cow-shaped chocolate treats completed this easy and relaxed Cowboy's Desserts Table.

The table itself is one of those quick-to-assemble camping tables, covered with burlap and red gingham fabric for the "farmland" look, and matching the printable designs.

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Party DIY Ideas and Tablescape

I used the printable pennant banner around the rim of the table and pegged to the hay bale behind the table. It was really windy so this was a must! I also added the printable party icons (cowboy boots, little horse, cowboy's hat, Sheriff's star)  to the bunting line to add interest.

The little decoration on the cake platter was created by superimposing 2 flattened cupcake liners (one red and white, the other brown) and snipping the edges to create a frilly effect. Then I glued a horse party icon from the collection and a red gingham ribbon matching the printable designs again.

 Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Party Favors Idea

Creating a cute party for little boys without all the usual girly touches can be tricky at times, but the printable Wild West Cowboy Party is sure to help to kick up a notch on the cute factor! 

Not too shabby under the conditions, huh?! What do you think? :)

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Party: Party Credits

Wild West Cowboy Party printables: Bird's Party Shop
Styling and Photography: Bird's Party
Desserts: Bird
Hay Bales: Local Cowboy
"Hay Bale" / Straw Hair Styling (Unseen -Thank goodness!): Model's Own

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  1. adorable, bird! all of your story and party credits, too!

  2. What a fun party! And the hay really did provide the perfect backdrop! Nice job!

  3. Thansk guys!! :)

    Elissa, it was painful, but worth it ;D What we party girls don't do for a party?! hehe

  4. Cris, amei essa produção! Que cavalinho fofo!!!!!!! Linda, linda, linda e uma ideia super criativa de tema!!!! Bjs!

    Ah, agendei a publicação do post com sua linda revista pra quarta-feira da semana que vem! Tô toda boba fazendo parte desse time de mulheres maravilhosas e designers talentosíssimas! Muito obrigada pelo convite, nem sei como agradecer!!!!

  5. Super cute! Great job!


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