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UPDATED - Bird's Party Magazine: Holiday 2011, Issue 4 - OUT NOW!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011C Riches

Want to start this post saying a massive thanks to all the wonderful writers, fabulous events stylists, vendors, sponsors and friends who made this issue possible!

A special thanks also goes out to my delicious, supportive family for putting up with my late nights, crazy schedule and busy weekends, whilst I worked on editing and styling the magazine!

It's been a fun, challenging and utterly enjoyable experience, and we hope you'll find lots of fun inspiration for your Holidays in there!

Read it online for FREE here.


P.S - I've been trying to thank everyone individually on Facebook  for helping spread the word about the mag on Facebook, but today I was told by FB and I quote: "You are going too fast, so we have banned this feature for 2 days" - OMG!!! I guess there are more due thanks than they can handle!! ;D

Thanking duties will be resumed soon the meantime, I'm using the blog to re-iterate how grateful and delighted we (the editorial team, sponsors, vendors) all are with the amazing response and support this issue has received!!! Thank you from the ♥

Magazine contributors, vendors and sponsors:

Life's Little Celebrations
The Green Hedgehog

WOW, what a great list huh? 

Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of this issue, and thank YOU (yes, you there) for being such loyal cheerleaders and subscribers! :) 

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  1. Oi, Cris,
    Parabéns pela revista! Está lindíssima!!! Fiquei maravilhada com tudo, especialmente o Natal branco! Que amor!

  2. Congratulations on another successful issue. Love, love, love it!

  3. How absolutely magical!! Wonderful work, Bird! I love the pic of your daughter by the fireplace in the white winter wonderland!

  4. besides the magazine being a total stunner, everything you styled and created is just perfection! love it all!!

  5. This issue is incredible! I can't get over all the ideas packed in one magazine. Simply stunning. I just posted a link on EdibleCrafts.CraftGossip :).

  6. Ha oh my gosh I guess to many of us shared your stunning Ezine :) We couldn't help ourselves. So many amazing ideas. I'll be ordering my paper copy for sure...tomorrow..when I'm more awake hee hee

  7. @Simone: Obrigada amiga!! de <3!! :)

    @Paper Charmed: Thansk you for the love! HUGE team work effort here! ;)

    @Cute Everything: We had such a fun time dressing up and playing! But I have to bribe her with cookies every time! ;D

    @Elissa: Could NOT have done it without you!! It's YOUR baby too! ;D

    @Meaghan: You're a doll!! I'd LOVE to have you on our next Issue?! Say yes? ;D

    @Tiff: Thanks you for being our chief cheerleader! ;D I know all the support you always give to anything we do here, so thanks you from the heart!! You're a star!! <3 ya!

  8. Is it okay, that I got one of your buttons and took it on my blog? :)

  9. Off course Emely! Thank you for stopping by! ;)

  10. My word, your mag is DARLING!!! Love it!!! tfs and best wishes

  11. Cris, a revista está DESLUMBRANTE! Linda demais!!!!!!! Dá vontade de comprar várias impressas pra distribuir de presente! Beijão e parabéns!

  12. I'm SUPER excited I can actually order a print of this. Can I order your older issues, too? I want ALL OF THEM! The magazine is amazing!!!

  13. HI Joy, thanks for the love!! ;)
    The other issues are not on paper I'm afraid, but you can purchase our last issue (Fall 2011, Issue 3) here:

  14. I was looking at your issue online - the cool igloo birthday party is such a cute idea! Love the party hats! -Dani

  15. Thanks Dani!! So glad you like them! We had some fabulous stylists working their magic! ;)


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