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TUTORIAL: DIY Matchbox Love Notes for Valentine's

Friday, January 27, 2012C Riches

My husband and I first met in college almost 20 years ago. You know what? I'm even more attracted to him today (alright, he may have been a skinny Engineering student back then, but still). He really is my perfect match in so many ways.

On February 14th, show your Valentine some love with these Matchbox Love Notes.


* matchbox template
* cardstock (I used gray cardstock)
* printable love notes
* washi tape (I used red solid, red stripe and red dot dash)
* 2 matchsticks
* cinnamon hearts candy
* scissors
* bone folder
* glue

How to:

1. Download and print the matchbox template on cardstock. Assemble the matchbox according to directions.

2. Line the inner sides of the drawer with red solid washi tape. Then line the outer sides with red dot dash washi tape.

3. Line the outer sides of the wrap with red stripe washi tape.

4. Tape 2 matchsticks to the top of the drawer with red stripe washi tape.

5. Download, print, and cut out the love notes. Fill drawer with cinnamon hearts candy and insert love note.

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