Giveaway | Girl's Party Tutus and Attire

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Giveaway | Girl's Party Tutus and Attire

This giveaway is now closed!

Beana Baby Boutique was founded in 2007 with the inspiration from a sweet little curly top blonde - Amber, the owner, had a hard time finding the items she was looking for locally and found herself scrolling the internet looking for fabulous clothing and accessories for her daughter. 

Beana Baby just went thru a major expansion this past year and  now is the go to place for First Birthday Outfits for moms across the US! The brand is following the path of the sweet little blonde; first starting with baby slings and now evolving into tutus, accessories, and many other great girly items.

Simply enter below for your chance to win a fabulous $75 Gift Card + FREE Shipping to spend as you wish at Beana Baby Boutique!

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