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DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial

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DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

Easter is soon approaching, and this tutorial is so simple and versatile that you could even get the kids involved in making them! :)

Use the cones as centerpiece decorations or snack cones for your Easter Dessert Tables, as Easter decor on a mantle, as party favor cones or even as teacher's gifts filled trinkets and candy!

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

TUTORIAL: DIY Easter Snack Cones using Party Printables

Materials Needed:

* A4 (8" x 11") Patterned scrapbook paper (I used the ones from Bird's Party Easter Bunny Kit and printed them onto 220g white cardstock)
Easter Bunny cut-outs (I used the ones from Bird's Party Easter Bunny Kit) but you could use bows, beads, buttons, photos or anything else you fancy
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Double-sided tape
* Optional: Ribbon

How to make your Easter Snack Cones:

1. Start by measuring the center point along the length and width of your A4 paper, then join the dots to draw a diamond shape onto your scrapbook paper. If you use a printable scrapbook paper you could print the pattern on both sides or leave the back blank like I did below (I used the blank side to measure).

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

2. Cut out the diamond shape and use the template to draw on the other A4 sheets.
3. Cut the printable Easter bunny icons.

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

4. Roll your diamond-shaped paper onto a cone by rolling along the widest sides.
5. Now add some double-sided tape along the opening.

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

6. Add some more tape to the cut outs or embellishments.
7. Attach them where you like on the cones.

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

8. If using as a desserts table centerpiece: Add a polystyrene (or floral oasis) block to a planter or pot, and make holes on the block using a pencil.

9. Insert your cones in the holes with the help of a lollipop stick placed inside each cone to keep them upright, and fill with candy, popcorn or snacks. Cover the gaps in the planter with fake grass, pebbles, more candy or moss stones (from your local craft stores or garden center).

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

Off course these also make great Easter gifts and party favor containers. Simply wrap with some clear cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon! Easy!

DIY Easter Bunny Snack Cones Tutorial -

Oh, but that's not all!! Today I'm joining some fabulous blogging friends to share our Easter Party Ideas with you!

More Easter party ideas here!

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  1. Oi, Cris,
    Muito lindos esses cones!

  2. Oh, that's so cute!
    How do you get all this lovely ideas?

    1. Glad you like it! I guess being around crafts and paper serves as inspiration? :)

  3. I love the bunnies. Where can these be printed out to use for a caft project? I click on the site that comes up as a kit to purchase. Is the way to get the patterns? Thank you for any help.

    1. Hi you can purchase the printables here:

      or just use something else to embellish you cones like ribbons, buttons, beads, flowers or even photos! :)

  4. Had a hoppin good time partying with you :-)!!!

    1. Me too! Your work is beyond fabulous!! I need so desperately to take some cookie decorating lessons! Will be checking out your blog for sure!! :)

  5. Had a hoppin good time partying with ya!!!


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