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TUTORIAL: Painted Easter Eggs

Thursday, March 29, 2012C Riches

i love easter. maybe its the pastel colors or the abundance of candy and chocolate. either way i love to decorate, entertain and eat too much around this holiday...

take dry grass {this was from my front yard garden}and wrap it in a circle in a large bowl. spray the grass with water until moist leave overnight to dry. when you remove the grass it will maintain the circle shape.

note: could you try to make this nest without these steps? sure. but i tried. i wrestled with that dang grass until i was ready to quit! this was my solution and it worked great and has maintained its shape for the last 3 weeks.

buy wooden eggs. i found these here and i thought they were a great deal and she shipped them quickly and was great to work with.

how to paint:

-i used martha's paint for the base blue - "surf", yellow - "couscous", green - 50/50 mix of the two
- i used METALIC brown {any random brand} for the speckles
- use a toothbrush to speckle and spatter the brown paint
{PS - this is kinda messy.}

 i may have gotten a little carried away with taking pictures of this.
but i just thought it was so pretty!!

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