25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me...

3:53 PMC Riches

25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me...

"...and couldn't give a monkey's about" should have been the next sentence? :)

I've been tagged by The Purple Pug to write this post, and the chain was created by Laura from Live Smile Celebrate.

It was fun reading other's posts and I even discovered a little more about myself along the way...Oh, and there are a lot of "Is" in this post - be warned.

1. My family are the most important thing in the world to me. I'm a gentle bird, but don't mess with my loved ones or the claws come out.

2. I grew up in the UK (and yes, I have a  British accent).

3. My name is not really Bird. (Gasp!!)

4. I LOVE taking photos of others but hate when the camera is pointing at me. Mostly because no one in my family can take good pictures, so I end up looking even worse in the photos.

5. I come from an Italian background and have French, Brazilian and Portuguese blood in my veins. 

6. I speak 3 languages, but really wish I could add Chinese to my CV. 

7. I am a chemical engineer by trade, and graphic designer/party planner by vocation. But I also have been a chef, and camp site owner in a previous life.

8. I love my chocolate gooey. Not talking about a bar of chocolate here. I mean the full-on choc desserts that oozes lusciousness and melts in the mouth. 

9. I love to cook, love to eat, love cookery books, and love shows on the Food Network - I have a girl crush on Ina Garten and Nigella. Or is that Nutella?! :)

10. My favorite cuisine is North Indian. In fact, my last meal would be an Indian take away.

11. I drink chicory lattes. I read somewhere chicory contains Magnesium so I feel "healthier" drinking it.

12. I eat pretty much anything, but HATE beetroot. My mum used to make a beetroot, orange, tomato and carrot smoothie when I was growing up, and I hated it! Guess she was a pioneer by creating such "innovative" healthy smoothies, but I got traumatized and now hate the stuff.

13. I love to dance, love to sleep, love a good bargain and love silly pranks.

14. I am a real nerd. Yes, I love astronomy, scientific documentaries, and reading Focus Magazine.

15. I hate arrogance, rudeness, injustice and greed.

16. I admire talent, loyalty, humility and generosity of spirit.

17. I love watching TV: films, comedies, drama (and I hog the remote). But pretty much hate reality TV talent shows, except for "The Voice ". Oh, and my little guilty pleasure is watching Made in Chelsea or any of the #RH shows.

18. Hate being told what to do, and I get bored very easily. And it turns out I'm also a competitive person, something I didn't know until quite recently.

19. Love making lists and being organized, and hate being late. 

20. I like most types of music. I wouldn't be able to tell you what category a song falls under, but I love most stuff. Maybe except heavy metal...

21. Oh yeah, and I don't own an iPod. Nor an iPad. Nor an iAnything. In fact, I don't even own a mobile (portable) phone, and I soooooo don't get Twitter. Shocking, right?! :)

22. I like adding smileys to posts and emails (can you tell?) . Sometimes I OD and have to delete some of them so the reader doesn't think I'm 12. 

23. I get slightly smug when I recognize a font type in an advert, magazine or billboard. (Told you I was a nerd.)

24. I don't have any vices but I am addicted to lifestyle magazines. I call it research...

25. I'm a natural brunette with wavy hair. But in the morning I look like a bushy poodle after a spin cycle in the tumble drier, so I straighten my hair most days.

Peace out!

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  1. #15 and 16, word up. #19, totally. LOL'd at #22 and 23 especially. You're super cute!

  2. Haha :D I completely agree with you on the reality tv shows thing. Made in Chelsea is unfortunately also my guilty pleasure. :)

    And I get the same feeling when I recognise a font too! Thank goodness I'm not alone. :D

    1. Oh man, MIC it's heating up this season, right? :)

      YAY to the font nerds! :)

  3. Bird you're too adorable! I think I love you even more if that's possible! I hope to get to hear that accent someday!!

    1. Oh honey the feeling is totally mutual!! You're a precious friend and hope we can chat face to face some day! :)

  4. Love all of this! Your personality shines through. And I thought I was only one in the modern world who didn't own a cell phone ha ha.

    1. hehe Tiffany, I'm nuts as it is, so I think I'd lose the plot having my emails follow me everywhere! :)

  5. i loved reading this! you are prob on of my fav people in the world & i feel like i know you so much better now! i'm planning a trip there & buying you an ipod or some sort of idevice lol

    1. Funny you should say that, 'cause you're one of mine!
      Totally up for you coming to visit...though not sure about the "isomething" :D


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