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DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations

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DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations -

I created this tutorial a while back for the Get Married website, but forgot to post it here - Tissue Paper Flower Pomanders!

These pomanders make for really nice centerpieces displayed under a glass cloche like I did here or you can glue a piece of ribbon to each pomander and make stunning hanging decorations!

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations -

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations

Materials Needed:

* Crepe paper in yellow and pink (or whatever colors you fancy)
* Polystyrene balls of different sizes
* Hot Glue gun
* Scissors
* Paper glue


1. Cut the strips of crepe paper of 1 inch in width
2. Crunch each strips in your hands to ruffle the paper
3. Unravel the strip of paper, then fold it in half length-ways

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations -

4. Start rolling the paper on itself
5. Twist and roll the paper, going around and around to form a rosette
6. Glue the end of the strip underneath the rosette using paper glue
7. Hot glue each rosette to a polystyrene ball

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders Party Decorations -

That's it! Easy, right? It may seem a little time consuming, but if you just get your materials ready and sit in front of the telly crafting, you'll easily make a few of these in one sitting! ;)

If you want, you can hot glue a pieces of looped ribbon to each ball and hang them from the ceiling, or behind a desserts table for a whimsical and romantic backdrop to any dessert table!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I needed to see this just in time for my baby shower! I'm going to make these as table centerpieces! Thanks for the fantastic idea!

  2. These are stunning!!!!! Thank you so very much for the tutorial!!!!

  3. Simplemente hermoso!!

  4. Bird, I can't believe these are made of tissue paper! Love them! They are gorg!

  5. How did you make the cute flowers in the flower pots?

    1. I wish! Those are real roses :)
      But here's a tutorial for some plush flowers you can make:
      or crepe paper ones too:



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