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DIY Crepe Paper Flower Pomanders

Monday, July 16, 2012C Riches

I created this tutorial a while back for the Get Married website, but forgot to post it here - Tissue Paper Flower Pomanders!

These pomanders make for really nice centerpieces displayed under a glass cloche like I did here or you can glue a piece of ribbon to each pomander and make stunning hanging decorations!

Materials Needed:

* Crepe paper in yellow and pink (or whatever colors you fancy)
* Polystyrene balls of different sizes
* Hot Glue gun
* Scissors
* Paper glue


1. Cut the strips of crepe paper of 1 inch in width
2. Crunch each strips in your hands to ruffle the paper
3. Unravel the strip of paper, then fold it in half length-ways

4. Start rolling the paper on itself
5. Twist and roll the paper, going around and around to form a rosette
6. Glue the end of the strip underneath the rosette using paper glue
7. Hot glue each rosette to a polystyrene ball

That's it! Easy, right? It may seem a little time consuming, but if you just get your materials ready and sit in front of the telly crafting, you'll easily make a few of these in one sitting! ;)

If you want, you can hot glue a pieces of looped ribbon to each ball and hang them from the ceiling, or behind a desserts table for a whimsical and romantic backdrop to any dessert table!

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