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How to Make a DIY Princess Scepter

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How to Make a DIY Princess Scepter -

Happy Monday everyone! As promised in our Princess Pumpkin Party post last week, I just wanted to show you how to make a cute and very simple little pumpkin princess scepter using some of the party printables from the collection.

These are in fact so easy, it would make for a fun craft activity for the little princesses to make their own scepter during the party! ;)

How to Make a DIY Princess Scepter -

How to Make a DIY Paper Princess Scepter

Materials needed:

* Printable pumpkin icons from our Pumpkin Princess printable kit
* Printables scrapbook paper also from the Pumpkin Princess printable kit
* Double-sided tape
* Hot glue - or clear tape and craft glue if kid's are making these!
* Wooden BBQ skewers with sharp point trimmed off
* Matching ribbon (we used pastel pink, fuchsia and orange to match the designs)
* Scissors

How to Make a DIY Princess Scepter -

How to make your princess scepters:

1) Print the patterned scrapbook paper onto a sheet of A4, white printer paper. Trim edges and cut sheet in half, then start folding each half as an accordion.

2) Once you get the 2 halves folded, fold again in half width-ways and secure the 2 halves together with tape or glue, to form a paper rosette.

3) Wrap your wooden skewer in ribbon, securing at either ends with hot glue or tape (if kids are crafting!)

4) To finish it off, secure the paper rosette onto the skewer, to with a printable pumpkin icon and decorate with ribbon to match.

How to Make a DIY Princess Scepter -

These were made to match the designs of the Pumpkin Princess printables. But for another princess theme, you could use a star, heart or other cute paper embellishments in the center - Or even a personalized printable topper! ;)

Click to download the same pumpkin princess printables!

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  1. I just love the finish product and that will be perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.


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