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DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Favor Bags

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DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Favor Bags -

These printable Trick or Treat tags can be printed on white cardstock and used just as they are to adorn Halloween party favors, candy jars, as cakes toppers and more!

But you know me, always looking for new ways to use printables, so how about using heat-transfer paper to customize your own muslin favor bags and BOO your neighbors and friends in style this Haloween?! :)

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Favor Bags 

Materials needed:

* Printable 2 and half inch Trick or Treat Halloween party tags 
* 2 and half inch round paper puncher (from Amazon)
* Scissors
* Blank muslin or cotton bags
* Heat transfer paper for light-colored fabrics (from Amazon)
* Black Grosgrain Ribbon + fabric glue (optional)
* Iron + Piece of Grease-proof paper

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Favor Bags -

How to make your own personalized Halloween Trick or Treat muslin bags:

1) Print the Trick or Treat Halloween party tags onto a sheet of heat transfer paper following manufacturer's instructions. You have to print he images as "mirror images" sot he design looks correct when you peel off the backing.

2) Trim  each row of tags then punch out each tag using the paper punch.

3) If you want, at this stage you can either sew or glue (with fabric glue) a piece of black ribbon to the bottom of each muslin bag to add a cute detail.

4) Iron the tags onto the front of your muslin favor bags using the grease-proof paper in between the iron and the tag to protect the fabric

5) Fill with Halloween tricks or treats, and make a little monster's day! :)

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Favor Bags -

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  1. Great easy inexpensive Halloween idea :)

  2. Too Cute! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. thanks for sharing this, was able to used it as a label for the party favors that my kids brought to school last halloween. i also linked your site in my blog post. again, thank you! :)


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