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Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes

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Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes -

I'm a sucker for easy recipes (pun intended) and there's nothing easier than these Valentine's Heart Lollipops - Wait for it...Made with left over candy canes from Christmas! How cool is that?! :)

I saw the idea a while back on Pinterest, and just had to try it - We always get tons of candy cane left over from Christmas and this is also the perfect way to use them up! 

My kids got involved in the making of course, and fun was had all round - Bonus, for when you're stuck indoors due to cold weather! ;)

Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes -

Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes

Materials and Ingredients needed:

* White chocolate
* Lollipops sticks
* Sugar heart sprinkles
* Parchment paper
* Baking sheet
* Kitchen scissors

Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes -


1) Cut up the ends of your candy canes with scissors, and arrange them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to form the heart shapes.  Try cut them all the same size. Don't worry if you break a few pieces. Use them anyways, as the melted chocolate will act as a glue. Insert a lollipop stick in the center.

2) Melt your white chocolate in the microwave at 20 second intervals, stirring in between to ensure all the chocolate is melted and reaches a pouring consistency. If your chocolate goes a little hard and won't pour, then simply add a little bit of flavorless cooking oil and stir (rapeseed oil work well). Then pour inside each heart shape using a tea spoon. Tap the tray gently on the counter to remove any air bubbles.

3) Add sprinkle to your hearts content whilst the chocolate is still soft. Let set in the fridge for a few minutes until solid. Carefully lift off the tray and add a printable straw flag to the lollipops sticks using double-sided tape.

Valentine's Heart Lollipops using Candy Canes -

TIP: Pour any left over chocolate onto a sheet of parchment paper and spread to form a large rectangle, then sprinkle with crushed pieces of the the left over candy cane. let it set and you get delicious Valentine's Chocolate Bark! ♥

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  1. cute love this idea, thanks for sharing

  2. Oh how adorable!!!! What a cute idea for Valentine's day! They look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have some candy canes leftover from Christmas. I am so making some of these Heart Lollipops for Valentine's. Thanks for the inspiration. ;o)

  4. So cute and fun! I know my girls would love these!


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