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Valentine's Day Love Sprinkle Macarons

11:00 AMC Riches

i love valentines day. i love macarons. i love sprinkles.

Valentine's Day Love Sprinkle Macarons Recipe

this idea kinda has me all over it :) 

if you have made macarons before then this tutorial is an easy way to kick them up a notch! 
never made macarons before?

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here's how you make them. 

you need: 

macarons - freshly filled
festive valentine sprinkles
wilton cookie icing or royal icing in a piping bag with a small round tip (#3-5)

place sprinkles in a small dish (i just use a measuring 1/2 cup)
roll the edge of the macaron in the sprinkles so that all of the edges are covered

use the icing and create your desired shape
while still wet, dip into sprinkles or shake sprinkles onto the icing
use the toothpick to manuver the icing and sprinkles into a more precise shape

i created this set of heart and "love" macarons but 
it would be so cute to have "XOXO" or spell out "i love you"
have fun and be creative! 
can't you just see this for so many other occasions?
i can. and you will probably see them soon ;)


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  1. Oh, these just look delicious! Great idea with the sprinkles and all :)
    xo Julia

  2. Very easy and cute! I like those sprinkles - looks so sweet! Thanks for sharing this fun idea Mindy!

  3. I love the way you fizzy'd up those macaron's. Your book looks wonderfuly sweet.


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