February 28, 2013

DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece Tutorial + 3 More Easter Party Ideas!!

Today I'm showing you who to create a super sweet Easter Egg Centerpiece + blog hopping with 3 awesome bloggers to bring you fabulous ideas on Easter Entertaining! 

Keep reading to see all the details and visit the links of the hop...

Materials Needed:

* Chocolate Easter Eggs (the ones wrapped in foil)
* 2-Fold Colored Napkins
* BBQ Wooden Skewers
* Green Floral tape
* Green Cardstock
* Scissors


1) Cut the paper napkins in half to get a square.

2) Wrap the square of napkin around a egg, shaping the napkin around it snuggling with your hands.

3) Cut off excess "pointy" ends of the napkin - this is to avoid it being too bulky later.

4) Now take a skewer and place it inside, just touching the egg (if you wish , you can add a glue dot or dab of jot glue tot he foiled egg to secure the stick  in place, but I didn't bother. Start wrapping with floral tape.

5) Hold the egg and skewer and continue wrapping the floral tape around entire length of the skewer. Tear off tape with your fingers (it's quite easy) when you reach the bottom of the skewer. Floral tape is like magic! No need for glue and it's sticky without being tacky, if that make any sense...

6) Fold a piece of green card-stock in half and cut a leave shape out - No need for templates! Just eye ball it, after all, you're aiming for as natural  as possible?! ;)

7) Tape the bottom of leave to the skewer using more floral tape.

8) Pull the leaf out gentle with fingers to make it look like a tulip!

Now all you have to do is display it somewhere! These edible Easter egg bouquets make for the perfect gift for teachers, mom, grandma, neighbors or simply as a fun kid's table centerpiece!

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