March 11, 2013

30 Days of FREE Party Printables: Day 8 - St Patrick's Day 'Leprechaun Hat' Cupcake Wrappers

Happy Monday, sweet friends! Kicking off another week of fabulous FREE Party Printables with cute St Patrick's Day goodies - Great to make with the kids! ;)

Day 8 of our 30 Days of FREE Party Printables: Printable St Paddy's Day "Leprechaun Hat" Cupcake Wrappers!

Materials Needed:

* Printable Leprechaun Hat Cupcake Wrappers - Link below
* Stapler and glue stick
* Scissors
* Decorated Cupcakes


1) Just print the freebie wrapper templates onto white card-stock and cut all parts around solid lines. Fold along dotted line. 

2) Wrap the rectangular strip around your cupcake to measure. Remove the cupcake, then staple or glue the ends together to form the top part of your "hat".

3) Using glue stick, secure the white tabs (from top part of the "hat") to the circular base. Let dry, then add a decorated cupcake inside each little hat wrapper, and make a leprechaun very happy! :)

TIP: Add glitter or embellishments to the wrapper before wrapping for extra cuteness!


If you've missed the other 7 FREE Party printables, 

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