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FREEBIE: 3-D Happy Father's Day Card

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If you're not the crafty type, fear not. This quick and easy  3-D printable Father's Day Card was designed with kids in mind - So all you need are some basic tools (and let your inner child loose...)  to be able to create a bespoke card for dad! ;)

And the bonus is that these FREE printable cards were designed to match the cheerful Father's Day theme we have going all this week!

DIY 3-D Father's Day Card

Materials Needed:

* FREE Printable Father's Card Template
* Scissors
* 3-D Foam Squares (from most craft stores)

1) Print and cut your card template page onto white cardstock. Cut the embellishments (tie, collar, pocket)

2) Add 3-D foam squares to the tie, collar and pocket designs on the card.

3) Place tie first onto to the 3-D squares.

4) Proceed with the collar on top of the tie, and the pocket to finish it off. But don't just stop there! You can use glitter and other craft embellishments to make this card as personal as possible, to suit YOUR dear dad.

Easy, right? All you have to do now is write a special message inside, and pop the card into a bright envelope. Oh, and the round envelope seal tags are part of another post coming up later this week, so don't miss it! ;)

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