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Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Red River and Rio Grande Magazines!

Thursday, June 27, 2013C Riches

I love working on editorials for printed press. There's nothing like seeing one's work in print. I think the smell of the pages also has a part to play in it. Yes, I unashamedly 'sniff' my work! :D

Anyways, you can imagine my delight when the editors of Rio Grande and Red River Family Magazine got in touch for another collaborative work for their July issue. We had worked together before, but this time they were going to feature three of our parties! Woo-Hoo!

Both mag are printed and also available for you to read online. Check out all the details below:

HUGE thanks to the publications' editors for the opportunity, and also to my fab friend Crissy from Crissy's Crafts who styled and photographed one of the parties, and of course I See Me books and Oriental Trading for their wonderful products that were used in our shoots!

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