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Easy Strawberry Birthday Cake Recipe

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DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

I made this cake for the Strawberry themed mini desserts table, which I'll be sharing tomorrow.

The cake really is so simple to decorate and I've already showed how I made the fondant strawberries here. So all that's left to do is the fondant pearl border and the ribbon bunting.

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe

But first things first, the cake recipe. Well now, my go-to vanilla cake batter, and the cake strawberry frosting is a stiff, dense and creamy frosting from good ol' Martha. But I added a bit of food coloring to get it more pink. Bake 2 cakes and use some of the frosting as filling too.

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

I used a palette knife to get the frosting onto the cake. Does not need to be perfect here, homemade is much more charming. If you need help with frosting your cake, we have a Cake it Pretty blog series here, which should help with basics.

DIY Cake Bunting

The bunting I chose was in-keeping with the retro styling of the table, so I used ribbon scraps and hot-glued different lengths to a piece of twine, then tied it to a paper straw. To place the straw into the cake, I first inserted a wooden skewer in, then slotted the straws into the skewer for sturdiness.

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

DIY Pearl Cake Fondant Border

All you need for this is some fondant in your color of choice (I used pastel blue), icing or confectioner's sugar for dusting, and a silicone fondant mold. 

To use the mold you have to dust it liberally with the sugar to avoid the fondant sticking. The mold is quite intricate, so don't skimp on the sugar!

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

Then place some fondant into the mold and press. Cut off excess fondant with a sharp craft knife to leave just the shape you want, so the borders are clean.

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

Then super extra gently, remove the shape from the mold. I'm so impatient and kept trying to get it out quickly. So it took me a couple of attempts to get the strand intact. Anyways, if the same happens to you, don't fret! You can just scrunch up the piece of fondant and start again ;)

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

Before it dries solid, you need to get this border onto the cake. Again, gently does it! The mold is small in length, so only made a "pearl strand" about 8 inches long (20 cm) so keep repeating until you have enough pearls to cover the entire circumference of your cake.

Add a little frosting to stick the strands to the cake, and ta-dah! Easy and super cute strawberry cake (even if I say so myself..).

DIY Easy Strawberry Cake Recipe -

Hope you like the ideas, and feel inspired to have a go caking it pretty too.
Oh, and do come back tomorrow for the full party post, won't you?! See you then! ♥

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  1. what size pan did you use to bake the cake ? (8-inch, 6-inch) How many layers are pictured here? It looks tall.


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