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Unexpected Party Ideas using Mason Jars

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Unexpected Party Ideas using Mason Jars - via

Okay, so Pinterest is inundated with ideas on how to re-purpose mason jars. But we've all seen them used in the popular cupcakes in a jar, drinks containers, or utensils holders. So how else can we use Mason jars in our parties? Take a peek below for my FOUR favorite ideas..

Unexpected Party Ideas using Mason Jars

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Hanging floral display - Yes, no doubt mason jars are excellent floral receptacles. But have you ever thought of hanging them? These would look fantastic as  a table backdrop!

Butterfly terrarium - What I love about this idea, is that no maintenance is required! I can see these decorative jars as part of table centerpieces or even whimsical party favors.

* Animal candy jars - I love this idea, and have been seeing brightly colored versions it all over the net. But these gold ones are chic enough for a wedding! Think candy jars on desserts table, party favor containers or simple tabletop decor!

* Ice cream bowls - Again it's no secret that mason jars make the perfect food container. Be it for cupcakes, cookies in jars, summer salads, smore's kits, or simply serving your favorite cooling beverage. But serving ice cream this way is not only super cute, but also a mega practical serving suggestions at any party.

Hope you like the ideas, and feel free to leave our own links on using mason jars in the comment! ;)

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