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TUTORIAL: DIY Pink Candles and Glitter Candle Holders

Tuesday, July 16, 2013C Riches

I recently worked on another super fun shoot for HGTV (hope to share details soon!) and had some leftover materials and a burst of inspiration (not to mention a bunch of glass yogurt pots I had been collection for yonks...). This is how these pink, glittered, candle cuties came to be.

They'd be perfect for those lazy summer evenings - Imagine how they'd flicker and glisten on your tabletops or patios. Pretty picture, right?!  :)

Super easy to make too (I used melt and pour wax!). Get the full crafty tutorial below.

DIY Glittered Candle Holders

Materials Needed:

* Glass yogurt pots
* Gold paint or PVA glue
* Foam Paintbrush
* Glitter baby!
* Optional: Masking tape


Paint the bottom half of each pot with gold paint (or glue) using your foam brush. You could use masking tape to delimit the area to be glittered more accurately, but I just eye balled it - I like it rustic and lazy easy! ;)

Dust liberally with glitter. Shake off excess and brush away any "escapees" with a  fine brush. Let dry before using as a candle holder. If using masking tape, remove tape after glitter is dry.

DIY Pink Candles

Materials Needed:

* Melt and pour candle wax (from most craft supply stores or candle suppliers online)
* Candle wicks with metal base (from most craft supply stores or candle suppliers online)
* Wax coloring + fragrance of your choice and small pipette (you could use citronella fragrance for outdoor candles)
* Wooden spoon and large heat-proof pot
* BBQ skewers
* Sticky tape


First melt the candle according to packet instructions. Mine came in a plastic bag, so I melted it in a pan of water and used a wooden spoon to prop the bag in place so I could lift it from the water safely and shake it from time to time to help melt the wax (without burning myself) - BUT ALWAYS read your packet instructions first, as they may vary! The wax will go from white to translucent when fully melted. 

Whilst wax is melting, fit each glittered pot with a candle wick. Secure the wick in place with a bit of sticky tape and a couple of BBQ skewers.

Once melted, open the bag and add a few drops of coloring and fragrance to taste. Usually wax coloring kits come with a chart, so you can mix and match to achieve your desired shade.


Pour into each glittered pot, keeping the wicks in place. Let dry before trimming the wick and lighting. 

TIP: Any left over glitter can be used to "pimp up" other party props like the cardboard (paper maché) letters you see on the backdrop! ;)

Enjoy, enjoy! ♥

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  1. Love this! check out our blog to see our coral and gold glitter bachelorette party décor!

  2. Thanks for sharing this article to us. Such a good idea on creating a candle holder your own.


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