August 6, 2013

How to Make Crepe Paper Roses for Floral Bouquets

When I was younger, I didn't understand the fascination with giving or receiving flowers. Yes, I know, shocking! I thought it was a real waste since the gift wouldn't last long. Now I am a lot less pragmatic and totally adore giving and receiving them (you reading, husband?). But these crepe paper flowers still appeal to my practical side as they would make perfect memento of any special day or occasion!

I made these pretty blooms for my recent wedding shoot for HGTV. But they are good for all occasions!

You can vary the crepe paper color to suit your party theme, or simply give a bunch of these as a gift to someone special. There's no better gift than a bouquet of handmade gorgeousness that lasts a long time, right?! ;)

The flower bouquets would be perfect for weddings of course. Think flower girls, bridesmaids, or even table decor! Plus, they are also inexpensive and require no maintenance.

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